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Comment Because of TRUST. (Score 1) 1027

They were the first smartphone for many of us. The HTC blueAngel, the ATT 8525, etc.. They showed us what the portable internet could look like. But you needed a stylus and they never really innovated the OS. We were stuck on clone OS's called pocket PC, Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002..2003, Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, WM5, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.1.5, WM6.5 WM6.5.5 and hacked WM7. Up to 2010, they still insisted on using that damn start button. We waited for a new versions but were continually let us down with versions still based off Windows CE which is at heart still windows desktop lite. Upgrades were rarely ever available, instead you had to buy a new phone or find the cracked leaks. More importantly, Microsoft appeared to simply not care about aesthetics and simply wanted to force us to believe they were putting a good effort. They released almost no apps for it, they encouraged few to join them, didn't care about video hardware games or user complaints. When Apple became king of the hill in 2007, Microsoft reacted to us that were loyal to them as if we were on crack and were in love with a false God. Balmer said that iphone was a joke and never would make it. We all saw the writing on the wall except Microsoft. Now Microsoft comes up with a new OS, again tied to its desktop and we're supposed to trust them? Who is to say that Microsoft won't simply throw in the towel on smartphones and leave users hanging. AT least Google has proven that they are in this for the long haul. Palm, Microsoft, and Blackberry have a long way to catch up in sales and really haven't don't enough to cause most of us to abandon our new platforms. Iphone gave us the cool multitouch phone with no stylus, Android gave us cool Widgets. Both gave us robust app stores and support their developers. To win me back, Microsoft would have to prove they are in this for the long run. Keep revising the O.S., publicly announce the upgrades and the improvements the EXISTING phones will be getting and be innovative with something. Lately all we hear about when it comes to innovation is Google and Apple. Google has the NFC Near field communications, killer video chips, face unlock. Apple has the cool looking phones, Siri, and integration with googleTV or apple TV. Microsoft, you're up next...

Comment Re:Expectation of Privacy (Score 1) 417

# of people who bothered to go to street view on her particular street each day? perhaps 2 or 3? # of people who NOW have seen her underwear after her suit? 2 or 3 million? She could have asked google how many times her street was viewed or to block out that particular image, but nope, she chose to sue for pain and suffering $$$. There are 3 homes on my street that are rezzed out. You know what that means right? at least 3 cops/public officials live on my street, so stay out of my neighborhood!

Comment Re:Googletroopers (Score 1) 1141

Oh god no! Give the republicans another chance to make corporations stronger than ever by allowing corporate armies. New Law - Companies shall now henceforth be permitted to create militias to protect intellectual and other properties.

Comment Genesis, NES,SNES,Dreamcast,xbox 360 and PS3 (Score 1) 192

All of those consoles were thought to be the end of the PC Gaming scene of which i've been a part of since the Zork days. PC gaming was and still is the innovator of gaming. Here is my recollection of the PC game wars. When the PC moved to better grahpical games on CGA and EVGA, the NES was already at its max limits. So when the SNES came out shortly after EVGA games in the early 90's, the PC gaming industry was declared dead. As PC's regained market share, the SONY playstation came out (1995?) and again the death of the PC gaming was declared. PC's fought back with 3dFX, the Voodoo card. I'll never forget seeing tomb raider with that beautiful 3d glide version of the game and just thinking "how could this ever be topped"? Then in the late 90's when PC gaming was at its near peak, the best PC game ever to come to PC's got bought by the biggest PC backing company. We thought PC's had won the war when Microsoft bought Bungie. Who would have thought that it was nearly the nail in the coffin. Between Xbox and PS2, PC gamers had a new system not only to look at but for the first time, but truly hack. Then came NVIDIA. The PC gamer's savior. Producing the RIVA TNT, PC gamers finally were revived. This led to 10 years of very expensive graphic cards where PC gamers would briefly lose their edge while a new console like the PS3 or 360 took the lead. The fight still goes on, although the PC is now clearly in the drivers seat, behind ridiculous video cards like Geforce 400 series. PC gaming is 7 or 8 generations ahead of the best consoles out there. But i'll admit, i play now 50% of my games on the PS3/360. But when i want to be fully immersed and get lost, nothing beats playing a game on a high end gaming rig with a supersharp large monitor 2 feet from your eyes.

Comment Xbox still great! (Score 1) 213

We own a highend PC gaming rig, 2 xbox 360's, PS3, 2 Wii's, dreamcast, psp, and of course the XBOX. The XBOX along with it's XBMC is still our most coveted machine. I once rented it out to a nightclub on weekends for a commission that got me $300 a weekend. With its slick OS and ability to store games galore on it, it was meant to be the future and it was. It still is the only gaming rig that allows me to use CDX to emulate any older console (ninento, sega genesis, etc) and Mame for arcade games of yesteryear. No other machine has this ability. I don't see why it's no longer supported. With PS3 removing support for Linux distros, this is it. KEEP XBOX support alive.

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