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Journal Journal: quiz programs... and an interesting bookmark manager

[these are all fm proj names]
bookmarks: sresi - php and text interface, import and export mozilla,, .... looks promising!

now, the quiz/testing programs; i'm hoping to find one of these that i can use to train myself with the dozens of equations, dozens of device types, dozens of band diagrams, dozens of differential equations and their solutions, handful of derivations involving the Schrödinger equation, and hundreds of variables that I am required to be very familiar with (and in many cases have memorized and understood in extreme detail) for an undergrad course at univ. of delaware (=ELEG340) that teaches the mathematical relationship between atomic crystal lattices and electron wave mechanics, and semiconductor device behavior (p-n diodes, Schottky diodes, HEMTs, MESFETs, BJTs, and plenty of others...).

quizcards - flash cards, group things together, allows graphics (maybe i can import equations drawn with LaTeX?)
quiz - simple multiple choice questions
akfquiz - learning game creator; text, graphic, web interfaces
quizzy - looks like 'quiz' but perhaps more flexibile/mature
inquisition - sophisticated and graphical, create exams (more than just quiz questions) and train on them
jvlt - vocab learning tool, probably great for vocab but not for engineering classes
quizdrill - flash cards, multiple choice, adapts to what you get wrong, aimed for vocab memorization

quizcards might be my best bet. akfquiz and inquisition look neat, but might involve a lot of work just to create self-quizzes, given their sophistication.


Journal Journal: machines running

i have most machines running at the moment! yay.
as soon as i get home from vacation, i can fix the few remaining, and check out the state of everything, and then shut them down again for the remainder of the summer (Heat+power issues)

User Journal

Journal Journal: power outage AGAIN

evidently, delmarva power had something like 300+ homes without power, which is evidently why it took them ~22 hours to fix ours (only 3 homes were affected by a transformer next to us that blew in the mild rain last weekend).

I've learned that 'glitch' is getting really flaky about booting. Everything else booted up OK, really...

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Journal Journal: flood

So there was a flood. Whee. It was a pain to restore everything.

glitch and leningrad lost their nvram data. Took several tries for glitch's BIOS to actually boot the disk. I had to boot leningrad twice because I messed up when I reset the ethernet address.

I also forgot to turn on the external disks for autumn, so I had to reboot that. Luckily, all the network routes, DNS settings, and mounted disks came online via my changes to SYSTARTUP.COM. I still don't understand VMS bootup, though; it's taken me many tries to get that right.

The BIOS on ledge also complained about the built-in clock, but on the second boot it worked.

I think everything else came up fine, after the normal tweaks and boot commands, but I brought the systems up one at a time, because if I don't, all the simultaneous disk spin-ups tend to trip the surge protector, and everything shuts down again.

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