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Comment Re:awesome (Score 2) 351

Recall an article from last year labeling Pakistan as one of the cheapest (and best) outsourcing country for IT jobs. I sure wouldn't want them into my network without VPN or encryption of sort. Good by jobs.

Comment Re:This would be so easy... (Score 1) 160

I like the 'allows for about X amount of page turns' statement. Works for printers. But there are factors that doesn't seem to be considered.

I don't have a Kindle or Nook, I have a BeBook, but my problem appears to be universal to these readers as well. If I leave my reader in standby mode, the battery is dead within a few days to a week. But if I use it every night for an hour or so, I can make a couple of weeks on the same charge.

Comment OnDemand == Netflix ? (Score 1) 85

DirectTV is going to be offering an On Demand service to its subscribers. That service has been around for years, and Netflix didn't start it. Just that Netflix is the first that I know of that provided the service without being the community cable company.

Comment Re:How about using books instead? (Score 1) 181

I never looked into the eInk technology and how they really function. I assumed it was similar to how toner cartridges functioned.

I have a Hanlin B/W book reader, and I enjoy it quite a bit. It changes pages rather slowly, but I learned to time it right so when I reach the end of the page it changes :) The battery life isn't great and not truly what is advertised, but I think it is a problem with the battery instead of the unit.

I was playing around with a Nook at Barnes and Noble, I take it you like them a lot ? I was impressed at how slick and fast they operate. I was very tempted to pick one up last time I was in there. I am lucky it wasn't payday week ;)

Comment Re:How about using books instead? (Score 1) 181

I have to disagree here. I have been using an eInk book reader for the past two years and have had no regrets. I take it on trips as well as to the office to read while at lunch. I can lock the keys instead of looking for a bookmark, and if I exit the book I can start right up where I left off. I used to do reading off of an Ipaq, and that was not enjoyable for long periods of time.

I would not recommend eInk for manuals with illustrations yet because I don't see a device that can do them justice. In my experience the PDFs were reduced so much so everything fits on a page, and the diagrams and text were almost unreadable.

But ebook readers for novels and such, totally as pleasant as holding a book in my experience.

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