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Submission + - Bill Gates On Energy 1

oranGoo writes: While a few days ago we read how Google gets US approval to buy and sell energy, Bill Gates delivers a talk on TED 2010 called Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero! (no pun intended), on how to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050 using solutions such as traveling wave reactor. The talk gets increasingly interesting towards the end and raises, once again, the questions on discrepancy of public, governmental and scientific opinions on the matter.

Submission + - Looking for a developer to maintain a django app

oranGoo writes: I am working with a humanitarian non-profit and we have built an in house solution using python/django/postgres, which has been very nice experience and a first application built on open source stack for us. The reasoning for choosing this particular was low development cost and fast development. The application serves a few dozen users, from couple of dozen tables and has small amount of data. Solution was developed and tested and about to be used when... it got stuck at one of the cornerstones of humanitarian work: sustainability.

System is to serve needs of local population and should be durable and sustainable solution, however for this particular development stack there seems to be no local support (middle east region). The funny thing is that the support for proprietary software is available. I've tried to secure the maintenance in any reasonable way but with very little success (still searching for a modestly priced contractor for the maintenance of the application that is not even based in the region). At the same time management is about to question the whole project if the maintenance of the application can not be secured.

I would greatly appreciate, if anyone cares to answer, to restrain from rubbing in, now obvious fact that there are much more popular and therefore much better supported web application frameworks then the ones that are not mentioned as separate topic in the 'Ask Slashdot' section and that it is obvious that this is the very minimum of the research one should do before plunging into the project.

Or at least put in some pragmatic suggestion to question 'how to find that django developer?'.

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