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Comment Overblown (Score 4, Interesting) 92

I am one of one million, and a long-time reader of NY Times. Frankly, I think this is a little over blown and I sure hope they don't hurt themselves patting themselves on the back. I read the NYT mobile edition daily, enabled by my subscription to the Sunday paper home delivery. The Business and Technology sections have the same content listed for weeks on end. They suffered greatly when David Pogue left. Much of the "paid" subscription content is just blog postings. Better than most blogs, written by intelligent journalists, but blog postings none-the-less.

And about once a week (at least), you get a nasty full screen popover. Their recent coverage about the cost/benefit of ad blocking shows their pages are heavy, which gets annoying and uses bandwidth if you don't hit reader view really fast or use an ad blocker.

I love the New York Times, but have never been happy with their IT department. Will never, ever, ever use the mobile app they keep trying to get me to download. Burned too many times on that one.

Submission + - Major Level 3 Outage? (downdetector.com)

opusbuddy writes: GoDaddy is reporting a major Level 3 outage impacting at least AT&T and TWC ISP customers. DownDetector shows issues at major peering points and OutageAnalyzer is showing 16K websites reporting down (was 9K an hour ago).

Comment Have You Used The Flickr App? (Score 1) 97

It pretty much stinks. I always say that the best camera is the one in your hands, and most of the time that's my iPhone 5s, not my Nikon D810. But the 5s is pretty lousy for any kind of post processing, so I AirDrop images to my iPad Air.

But after all this time, and woo hoo over new versions of the Flickr app, it's still not really an iPad app-it's still an iPhone app on a iPad (oh, yeah, it's got a crappy digital zoom 2X mode, right). Oh, you CAN upload via the IOS photos app, but even that's kinda lame. And it forgets all the metadata (like copyright) that you stored in the files you import from the "big iron."

It's nice, but very much Yahoo!

Comment Re:Worst Case Scenario = War (Score 2) 164

That's the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. In the event of a catastrophic event that could upset the lives of millions where will my InDesign layouts. When I rise from my bunker I'm going to still have trusty CS6 and those Creative Cloud subscribers are going to starve.

Ever since I had to upgrade from OS/X 10.6, CS6 has become increasingly unstable. Under Lion and Mountain Lion it now crashes daily and Adobe has stopped putting out updates except for ACR, for which it seems like every time they put out a new version to support more cameras, they go and change the UI yet again on me. I have yet to find a good mix of OPENGL and font settings that make it at all behave. Fortunately, I have a rock solid fallback--Photoshop 7 (which ran GREAT under Windoze XP, and hasn't suffered too badly under 7).

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