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Submission + - Waste management services, Disposal of electronics, E-waste Recycling Company (

greentekreman writes: "GreenTek Reman is an End-to-End electronic waste (E-waste) recycling company. The company is registered with the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India. Pioneering a breakthrough in E-waste management, GreenTek Reman Pvt Ltd caters to one of the most critical and sensitive areas of how to recycle accumulated electronic trash.

E-waste management services provider, Electronic recycling companies, Waste management services, Disposal of electronics, Waste recycling companies"


Submission + - Google testing experimental devices (

kodiaktau writes: Google is testing new experimental devices in employee homes. The company has applied for an experimental license with the FCC.

It is possible that the testing is related to the android@home framework, including interfacing with home appliances. Alternatively this could be another incarnation of Google TV, but nothing specific has surfaced yet.

Submission + - Things you should know before you buy glasses online (

opticstoreonline writes: "With increasing number of people opting to buy prescription eyeglasses online, there are many online eyeglasses stores spurring up. There are few renown opticians online who has been selling glasses for the past decade are reliable but if you are planning to buy glasses from a new store make sure that you look for the following things before you pay for the glasses:"

Submission + - Twitter Can Now Block Tweets In Specific Countries (

itwbennett writes: "In a blog post on Thursday, Twitter announced that it can now block individual Tweets in specific countries, while leaving them visible in other countries. 'We try to keep content up whenever and wherever we can, and we will be transparent with users when we can't,' the blog said. Twitter will publish requests it receives to block content through its partnership with Chilling Effects."

Submission + - SPAM: Discount Sunglasses Are Beneficial:

opticstoreonline writes: "How about getting a new sunglass this summer? Or wondering if the prices of sunglasses are too expensive? Many of us do remain in the dilemma of what type of sunglasses should we buy and where to buy. Designer sunglasses are very expensive for our budget and should we trust on cheap sunglasses that are available in the market or any online eyeglasses store. In this article let me share how to buy cheap sunglasses or cheap prescription sunglasses that will not only suite your needs but are of good quality."
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Submission + - Prescription eyeglasses (

opticstoreonline writes: Selecting a correct pair of glasses can be a daunting task especially with the range of eyeglass frames available and at the price that they offer. At Optic Store Online you can get eyeglass at 15% to 20% less than any other retailers.

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