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Submission + - SPAM: Bank of America Online Access: Catch 22

opos writes: Recently, Bank of America required accepting an Electronic Communications Disclosure with a twist, you must confirm you are running either on a Mac or Windows machine: " I consent to the Electronic Communications Disclosure and confirm that I have the required hardware and software." As an online user of Bank of America, and using Fedora for the past 10 years or so, I was not able to both "consent" and "confirm". I could only consent. I reside in Singapore, so having no access to my online account is a bit of a problem. I phoned BofA and was told to click the "I consent... and confirm" link. I indicated that this could be viewed as fraud, since I was not using neither a Window box or Mac.

The frustrating part of this episode is that there is no way to contact anyone within BofA via email to fully explain the issue and document it (with screen shots and chat dialogs). To use their "contact us" via email, you have to log in. Can't log in unless you Consent and Confirm. Can't consent and confirm since I can only Consent. So, impossible to email issues to BofA — Catch 22.

All tech support folks were quite helpful up to the point where it was recommended by two different individuals that I run the risk of committing fraud in order to pursue the issue. Sigh

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Wikileaks To Name Swiss Bank Tax Evaders 783

eldavojohn writes "The old cliche that the rich and corrupt hold all their money in Swiss bank accounts (to avoid taxation) may finally have a bit of transparency, as the news today is that Wikileaks has been handed a list of account holders tendered by Rudolf Elmer, former banker of Julius Baer. Julian Assange promises a 'full revelation' while Elmer cited his motivation as being: 'I want to let society know how this system works. It's damaging society.' This appears to be real, as Mr. Elmer is soon to appear before a Zurich regional court on charges of coercion as well as violations of Switzerland's strict banking secrecy laws. The public may soon find out that their favorite celebrity, politician or employer doesn't feel responsible to contribute financially to the commonwealth at the expense of privacy."

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