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Comment Re:Using WoW to fight terrorism? (Score 1, Interesting) 160

If I had mod points I would mod you up. 60 minutes did a special with the commander of the special forces group that hunted Bin Laden. It was very interesting. Based on all the intel they had, they believed that they bombed a cave that he was in, possibly injuring him. He was presumed dead, but resurfaced months later. Amazing story to hear. Based on his telling of it, it sounded as though his higher ups tied one arm behind his back in his mission to kill Bin Laden.

Comment Re:While I am all for green energy, save the Plane (Score 1) 347

I also don't want it done in a way, like cap and trade, that makes energy use so expensive that it costs jobs and forces poor people to go without electricity.

That depends what we're defining as "poor." People living in section 8 housing don't pay for their electricity. As a part of my job, I end up inside of section 8 housing frequently. I believe that some people do need a leg up or a helping hand, and that is what those resources are there for. I also know from seeing it firsthand that a significant portion take advantage of the system, living in section 8, refusing to look for work, involving themselves with drugs heavily, selling food stamps to buy liquor, etc. They crank up the a/c in the summer and the heat in the winter. While I keep my heat low in the winter, and turn it down or off when I leave for work or sleep at night, I have seen these same folks with open windows in the winter because it is too hot in their apartment! Why should they care? They're not paying!

My point is this: Truly poor people aren't affected by cap and trade. This hurts people scraping by above the poverty line and most of the middle class. I feel that this is yet another step in the systematic path to eliminate the middle class.

Sorry for the whole big rant, but I can't stand government support given to people who make absolutely no attempt to help themselves.

Comment Re:Psssssssshhhhhhh!!!!!! (Score 1) 176

I thought I saw a documentary a long time ago that said that they had to go over the duel scenes frame by frame and use a highlighter for the lightsabers. is that totally wrong, or did they have to backlight the blades they were using and then add color with the highlighters?

Comment Re:Was that really necessary? (Score 0, Offtopic) 116

Hold on. I don't agree with about any of the above comments, but let's be clear, we never stole any oil. Our gas prices have gone up to 4 times higher than they were before the invasion of Iraq. Clearly we're not getting any deals on it. Secondly, it wasn't just us. The UN was with us for the operation. Lastly, I can't say that there haven't been unfortunate casualties of war. For that I am truly sorry. But I continue to support the soldiers, even if I don't support the administration. If you talk to any American soldier, they'll be glad to tell you how they're making a difference over there, and how pulling out now will create anarchy. Every soldier I've talked to is extremely proud of the job they did/are doing. We're not some country of murderous thieves. We probably over extend ourselves with so much foreign aid to so many countries. So please, think before you throw out such abusive comments.

Comment Re:A local paper does something similar (Score 2, Funny) 339

I find more disturbing that there is so little actual news content for the Colorado Daily, that they're putting updates from "friends" of the newspaper on the FRONT PAGE, EVERY DAY. Do they pick through for the best updates, or do they just throw the entire newsfeed up there? I can only imagine! Right next to the picture of the President at whatever event just occurred is the status update of John, who became victorious yesterday over his bout of constipation.

Comment Reminds me of a Heinlein story.... (Score 2, Interesting) 213

In the short story "Waldo," one of the main themes were "magical" energy generating devices called "DeKalbs." SPOILER: Ended up that they were actually sucking energy from an alternate universe. At any rate, I'm not inclined to dismiss it outright just because it can't be explained. However, I agree with a previous comment that they need to produce a working prototype in order for it to be taken seriously.

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