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Comment Comments of the AIVD (Score 2) 162

The AIVD did comment, even before the NRC published the article: (Dutch)
And after the article was published: (Dutch)

According to them, this is allowed by the current law. However, a lot of parties in parliament and expers don't agree with this assesment and are starting actions to disallow this kind of investigation.

Comment We're dropping SDL from XBMC (Score 3, Informative) 81

SDL will soon be dropped from XBMC. I'll quote Cory here to explain things:
"This is an interesting POC, however it’s not really in fitting with how we had planned to handle wayland. I recently rewrote our egl handling so that we can dynamically support various windowsystems on the fly, so that we can have a single binary capable of running X11/wayland/framebuffer. It was explicitly written with wayland in mind. See for the pull, and for the interface.

It’s very pluggable, and I suspect it’d be far less work than what you’ve done here. I was hoping to get to it ages ago, it just hasn’t been a priority yet.

We’ll be dropping SDL soon, since we prefer our own abstractions. See here:"

Comment Re:A quick thanks to Pulse-Eight (Score 1) 146

You're welcome :-) These were pre-releases of Eden (11.0) and Dharma (10.0), that I originally hosted on my personal website and Launchpad while I was working on the PVR feature (see ). When I started working for Pulse-Eight, I took the builds with me and hosted them on Pulse-Eight's servers, where I continued to work on the PVR feature and HDMI-CEC support. I've backported all these things into mainline XBMC now, and they are included in the Frodo release. The builds on will be updated with Frodo builds shortly. The reason why you didn't find any builds on was that the feature was still under development. Pulse-Eight was created by a Team XBMC member, and there are currently 3 team members working for Pulse-Eight (including myself).

Comment Re:PVR (Score 5, Informative) 146

It's a limitation of the add-on that you're using. Multiple add-ons support these features, and you can find all the information on our wiki: And as the dev who merged PVR support in and maintained the PVR support in XBMC for the last 3-4 years: no it was not shoehorned in. You just failed to read the documentation that is available and/or you're using a backend or add-on that doesn't support these things.

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