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Submission + - Swiss online stores suffer major DDoS over weekend of 12 to 14 March

oorwullie writes: A number of Swiss online stores are reported to have been victim of a major DDoS attack (in French) over the weekend. Digitec, Galaxus, LeShop, Micasa, Do-it andMelectronics were all affected, as was the main Swiss SBB Railroad website. All were impacted, to a greater or lesser degree, from the evening of Saturday12th until 14th March.

Comment Which species might evolve everywhere ? (Score 2) 208

Could we hope to find for example Ammonite or Trilobite fossils on Mars, because there was once water there and Ammonites and Trilobites are what one might call "Standard Default Species Evolution Step" or an "Evolutionary Stable Species State" when there is water and you give things a few hundred million years ?

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