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Comment Re:Still a grind (Score 1) 276

I think you mean Anub'arak and the Leeching Swarm ability which takes a percentage of each players health and heals the boss. This bit makes it really crazy with the level 85 health pools of players.

I don't think any of the LK's abilities are based on percentage of player's health. It's been over a year since I last did that fight, so I could be wrong! :)

Comment Re:Still a grind (Score 1) 276

Pretty sure you were doing it wrong. I was fully decked out in heroic gear from ICC and I started replacing pieces with quest greens at about level 82.

The last things to go were trinkets as they're generally hard to come by, but even those I got a blue trinket from questing in Uldum and a green one in Twilight Highlands.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 1123

I agree with what you said, but please stop saying we use carbon dating for dinosaur bones or fossils. Carbon dating works only for certain organic matter (mostly plants, btw) and is useful only with samples upto 14,000 years old. Fossils are mineralized (i.e. there is little to no organic matter remaining) and carbon dating would be useless for samples in the range of millions of years old.

Comment Re:thoughts from someone in the community (Score 1) 245

But doesn't that ignore the fact that bacteria have probably been exposed to UV light for millions of years (even if it's at a lower dose, and not all the time)

That's precisely the point. Low doses of UV are not going create lots of mutations. But if you hit a bacterium with lots of uv, you get so many mutations that when you select for some particular trait, you don't know what else you're getting with it.

whereas your precision editing may be completely untested? It's this kind of focusing on the details which can lead to people overseeing potential problems in the real world.

On the other hand, when you use the techniques of genetic engineering to insert or remove particular sequences of DNA, you know exactly which bits you're putting in. And also, these genetic chimeras are tested in the lab before they're used commercially or medicinally. (Any diabetics out here? You do know that the insulin you rely on is produced largely by a yeast that was genetically engineered, right?)

Comment Re:WHY are Apple doing this? (Score 1) 768

Mozilla comes with half a hundred things in it that may or may not be anything you want, and you have to opt-out of them.

50 things? A standard download of Mozilla Firefox contains two (2) extensions. Talkback (to provide feedback to Mozilla when it crashes) and the DOM Inspector. 2 = 50?

I hate how every time you upgrade Firefox it insists on starting up by loading the Firefox webpages.

It loads ONE (1) page along with your regular start up page(s). And all that page does is inform you that you've upgraded Firefox. How is that a bad thing?

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