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Comment Re:Life Safety Critical (Score 1) 131

The REALLY hard part about autonomous vehicles is that they eliminate jobs in the short term. Go tell the Teamsters that $75/hr truck drivers aren't needed in this world, and then go run for office.

Stop, just stop with the argument that it will destroy work places. Of course it will, but the problem is something else. Less work was the initial argument of introducing machines in industry and home: it will do the work for us and we can enjoy more free time.

Why this doesnt work is that the "small" people don't see anything of the profit they make with the work of machines because the corporations and bosses just keep the profit for themselfes.

So, next time you complain about loss of work place you blame the greedy guys who threat us like slaves, not the technological advance or machines.

Comment some more facts (Score 1) 119

1) US maintains a list of blacklisted countries accused of facilitating online piracy by not implementing surveillance and copyright enforcement.
Malaysia just promised to comply and thus got off the list. The OP topic may be a result of this.

2) Malaysia's biggest ISP TM introduced for it's "fastest" internet service UNIFI (a max. 20MBit SDSL connection) blocking of port 6667. This started some weeks ago (August/2012). No official statement so far. Other ports work fine though (e.g. 6666).

Comment I stayed with my... (Score 1) 298

I stayed with my Commodore Amiga 4000 until 1998 cause I couldn't stand standard PC's. When it was stolen I decided to leave the country. I travelled arround, hitch-hiked and lived as a punk, hippie and bum. I've tried it all. I lived under nothing but the bare sky in the desert of Andalucia. I stayed with a religious sect in southern France. Build a float out of barrels and wood and crossed Loch Tay/Scotland with it. Battled the police on eviction day after occupying and squatting an old castle in Barcelona. Met the girl of my life in the caves of Sacromonte/Granada and decided to marry her - then asking a company near Barcelona to employ me as Linux admin. It worked. I'm in it for 5 years now. *true story P.S.: in each of the chapters of my life I've had to do with Linux one or the other way... must be true love

Comment Re:Turnkey Redmine (Score 1) 221

Hi, I'm also using redmine now after having used flyspray for years.
Good thing is that redmine allows you complete project management but is simple to use and looks elegant.

My personal favourites are integration of version management systems like GIT (which I recommend highly in case your project grows a bit bigger than just a few lines) and a huge selection of plugins/extensions :)

Only minus point would be that it's written in ruby and runs as apache passenger -> thus eats quite some memory and I've had to upgrade my 512MB VPS :P

/// vx

Comment Re:A theoretical future call to Disney (Score 1) 380

(post above was (anonymously) from me - was just lazy to login) it will be interesting what happens in German schools and Kindergardens if they try to enforce copyright on these stories. They have already tried to prevent teachers from copying material from books for their classes. They did so e.g. by introducing a system to limit the copies a teacher can make (e.g. let them pay for each copy and only a certain sum is redeemeable) By coincidence my mother is high school teacher for german literature and she told me that they: 1) give a fuck and copy if they need to, if needed they pay from their own pocket 2) from teacher's perspective there's no interest of respecting copyrights in any way as this would only disturb and hinder the ability to hold their classes. in fact the inability to copy material would make it very hard to give literature classes at all, so teachers circumvent regulations whereever they can The effect of all this is that teachers even tell their students that they should copy themselfes if they can - the opposite what corporations wanted i guess ;) but i totally agree with you - it's not the time to sit back doing nothing as we run the risk of slipping into a totalitarian world. however they make such ridiculous laws and restrictions that they seem to have the majority of population against them, including professors & teachers and other "smart" people. If they still want to enforce all of this regardless of the consequences - then there will be a huge battle between them and the majority of the world (well, it already started). of course there is a chance of ultimately loosing it - but just imagine if we win - it would be intellectual, political and human freedom in a way we never knew before. so, don't be afraid - we are many and ready to fight for this digital revolution :) we are well armed, the technical knowledge is on our side!

Comment certificated (Score 1) 474

Hi, I would propose that you do some certifications. this is less time consuming than full-time studies and if you search for a new employment you have a big + you can even ask your company if they take over the costs, some of them like to educate their employees. greetings, vitaminx

Comment Re:Want to win Friends for Linux and Open Source ? (Score 1) 224

well, who needs brainwashed people using ms office on linux not understanding a damn thing about the system???

this is imho not a good way.
to teach my grandmother how to write on computers i'd start with gedit maybe, go over to abiword, if she needs more give her open office and if she becomes a geek then and needs still more i'd give latex to her.


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