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Comment Re:Fuck Dice, Fuck Beta Creep (Score 5, Insightful) 37

Ditto Fuck Dice, ditto fuck Beta Creep. We said we don't want it so why do you dumb fucks at Dice still keep trying to put this crap in here? If I wanted to share everything I'd be on Twitter or Facebook or using the "social app of the month" on my phone.
I've had it! I'll check back in a year to see how much you look like Digg. Goodbye Slashdot, good riddance Dice. Maybe you should change you name to Douche?

Comment Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 236

Strange how so many people around the world choose to use these "mostly useless" products.

But many people chose not to use these new products with their new-fang-dangled UI designed by some young whippersnapper fresh out of UI design school.
People avoided upgrading to Windows 8 because of the design and stuck with Windows 7 or even Windows XP, and the only way Apple could get the large percentage of Snow Leopard holdouts was to drop security updates. They kept using an older version of OSX because they knew it was a bad idea to reverse the default mouse scrollwheel behavior, auto hide the already narrowed-down grey flat scrollbars, the progressive flattening of the icons, and changing every colored UI elements to 50 shades of gray or just black.

These are all changes that added nothing useful to OSX, but were added because someone wanted change for the sake of change. It's like project managers see pics of the original Mac and think 'OOoooo...let's make our UI look awesomely retro"

Comment Re:You know what would get me going again? No 3D! (Score 1) 400

It took weeks for Guardians of the Galaxy to have a non-3D release at our closest (15 away) location

This is exactly why I only go to a couple movies a year instead of going to a couple of moves every month like I did years ago. The cinemas don't give you a choice to view movies in non-3D at peak times. Every bloody movie that starts from 6:30PM to 8:30PM is in 3D so they can charge an extra $4-$7 per ticket. If you want to see non-3D then you have to catch the 4:20PM or 9:50PM showing, and when you work 9-5, both of those times are too inconvenient for me to bother.

Comment Re:quick notes? (Score 3, Interesting) 523

I use to be like you and believed that cursive is faster than printing, but that all changed one day half a lifetime ago when I was reading tips on how to take better notes in college, and one tip was to print your notes because printing is faster and neater than cursive.

"Bullshit!" I said, "Everyone knows that cursive is faster than print. Who do they think they are kidding?". On top of this heresy they also stated that writing with a pencil is neater than with a pen. Their tips were changing from heresy to blasphemy! "Little kids print with pencils." I smugly muttered, "and adults write in cursive with pens, where the letters are joined beautifully together in flowing strokes in order to save time and be neater.". Although I knew cursive would best printing in speed and neatness, I must have had some doubts, for at that moment I grabbed my best pen, some crappy dog-chewed pencil, a few sheets of foolscap, and picked out a couple paragraphs in a book to copy to prove them wrong. I should have left well enough alone.

After numerous iterations of writing and printing with pencil and pen, I could not believe the results but had to accept them:printing, with pencil or pen, was about 30% faster than writing, and clearly more legible. My fastest writing was nothing better than the worst chicken-scratches and would be unreadable by another person, whereas my quickest print was still legible and neat.

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed just as the dizziness hit me. As I fell to my knees, then to the floor, as my belief system crumbled around me, the last thing I remember before I lost consciousness is muttering "Printing IS faster than writing!"

Seriously. Write,then print a few paragraphs as fast as you can. The fastest printing is faster and much more legible than the fastest writing. I shit you not.

Comment Re:Why is Android allowing Uber to access the info (Score 4, Informative) 234

Probably because android has all-or-nothing, non-granular permissions where you have to grant the app access to everything it requests, or else it's 'no app for you!'
If the app wants to access to your contacts, accounts, phone history, photos, camera, messaging, mail, you give it access or you don't get to install it.

It's a stupid, dumb, and poorly thought out implementation and google should (?) know better.

Comment Re:Yosemite (Score 1) 370

The fact that the green button now fullscreens an application is another change I don't like.

Recent versions of BetterTouchTools can reverse this 'new and improved' behavior.

Here's my rant:
That change really pisses me off. I know I can hold the option-key down and it will still zoom, but the green-button zoomed since at least Snow Leopard so why change it now? More importantly, why make it default without any way to change it back.
Does anyone even use full-screen apps? Will reclaiming a few dozen pixels from the menu-bar change increase anyone's productivity?

You know, it seems that in every OSX release Apple inserts one ridiculous, boneheaded, unnecessary change in default functionality that leaves users dumbfounded why Apple would put that in.
In Lion it was the so called 'natural scrolling', in Mountain Lion it was hiding the scroll-bars by default, in Mavericks it was replacing Save-As with Duplicate, and now with Yosemite Apple changed the green-button's behavior from Zoom to Full-screen. At least Apple should put a toggle in system preferences so the user can revert the behavior.

Comment Not going to happen in our lifetimes. (Score 1) 219

Not until a propulsion system is invented that can cut the trip down from eight months to eight weeks will we see a human mission to Mars.
The logistics are too difficult with current propulsion systems, which haven't changed much since the time of Goddard.
To coop-up a half dozen or more people in a capsule the size of a one-bedroom apartment for eight months, expect them to get along for that long, and to send along all the food, water, and supplies of life they will need for a 2+year mission is pretty much impossible. That's a lot of toilet paper or space-wipes alone.

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