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Comment Re: US disagrees (Score 1) 167

I thought it was some Spanish bloke who'd had is home repossessed.

The test case privacy ruling by the European Union's court of justice against Google Spain was brought by a Spanish man, Mario Costeja González, after he failed to secure the deletion of an auction notice of his repossessed home dating from 1998 on the website of a mass circulation newspaper in Catalonia.

EU court backs 'right to be forgotten': Google must amend results on request

It's an incredibly popular thing in Europe at the moment - censoring factual information. See the ludicrous ruling yesterday in the UK upholding a certain famous individual and their paddling pool related sexual antics. Something that is allowed to be published in Scotland (and of course the rest of the world), but not England and Wales. I have no interest in what people get up to, but the moment they try using their wealth and status to suppress information, then I'm going to make an effort to find out who it is. Celebrities don't understand the Streisand effect, but apparently their lawyers know how to use it to milk every penny from their clients.

Comment Re: I'm glad Slashdot posted this (Score 2) 410

It doesn't though. Look a the fatalities from recent suicide bombings in the West:
London: 52 (4 bombs in 4 locations)
Madrid: 191 (10 bombs in 4 locations)
Boston: 6 (2 bombs)
Paris: 130 (7 bombs in 3 locations)*
Brussels: 32 (3 bombs in two locations)

* Paris was quite different - it highlighted how infective bombs are compared to firearms:
Stade de France: 3 bombs, which killed 4 (including 3 bombers)
4 Restaurants: 39 people killed by automatic weapons & one bomber killed by his own bomb
Bataclan: Majority of fatalities caused by automatic weapons.

Bombs are for getting attention, not for causing mass causalties, unless you're also mid air at the time.

Comment Re: Driver Error Again (Score 1) 408

I was in a car with a friend and he hit a skip while using parking sensors. He reversed back using them, and just before he hit it he remembered that being a skip, it stuck out the top. Luckily he stopped just as he hit the skip so the damage was negligible.

Parking sensors tend to be low down - bumpers tend to stick out - and Tesla warn users about this, ie not detecting hanging objects. The car drove into the overhanging part (front) of the trailer.

Comment Re: Dear submitter, (Score 1) 408

Ever gone though a light and then throught "hold on, was that light red"?

As for needing to activate the summon via the key fob, I learned an important lesson with my car. Don't keep the key in your back pocket. I managed to remotely drop the roof on my car in the pouring rain without realising it. Only realised half an hour later.

Comment Re: Gol Transportes Aéreos Flight 1907 happne (Score 1) 408

That's a bizarre one. The TCAS was disabled because the transponder had been "inadvertently deactivated", and - like you said - the only thing to tell the pilots was an indicator with white text.

What I don't understand is how they determined the pilots deactivated the transponder. It's mentioned nowhere in the Wikipedia article (the font of all knowledge). I'm going to have to read the two reports now. It's also not mentioned why the Embraer was experiencing communication issues.

Comment Re:Arguably a first (Score 4, Informative) 150

I had to watch the SES-9 & CRS-8 missions to check that out*. For GTO, MECO is at 8,300km/h & 65km. For LEO, MECO is at 6600km/h & 74km. So they managed to recover a stage travelling 25% faster. The lateral velocity would have been greater too, because the launch profile is flatter.

* Not really to check it out, but to compare the actual numbers. It'll obviously have to go faster to get to GTO.

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