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Comment Re:This is news...? (Score 1) 246

I had to google the term after watching an episode of Archer - it was the first time I'd ever heard it. I have literally never heard of anyone (not even about a friend of a friend of a friend...) doing something like that, and I've heard some pretty fucked stuff from my colleagues.

Is this an actual thing in the US?

Comment Re:Fake it like my gf (Score 1) 651

Simple - you tell the visa applicant to give the DHS the real accounts and not the benign ones, otherwise they aren't allowed in.

Seriously though, I haven't logged onto my facebook account for about 18 months now - so that could flag up as being fake. That is if they could find it - I had the security settings locked down so that I can't even find it knowing my name and username.

Comment Re: You know what doesn't need "software updates"? (Score 1) 101

Great for skiing, hiking, bouldering, etc. I can leave my phone safe and warm in my rucksack, and if I get a call or text I can see if it looks important it whether I can ignore it until later.

However I don't wear my pebble watch at any other time as it's of no use to me.

Comment Re: Dilbert predicted this (Score 1) 254

To be fair, I gave Trump better odds at winning - because he brought out the "it's rigged" excuse before the vote, much like what happened with the EU referendum in the UK.

I - like many - laughed at the idea idea of "bring pens", because rubbing out pencil marks is the best way to rig a referendum... My colleagues were bringing out every excuse why the Leave camp would lose.

In hindsight is a very effectively tactic. If you're an undecided or apathetic voter, being told one side will steal the vote will likely spur you into action.

Comment Re: Lack of understanding (Score 2) 442

You're right, there is a lack of understanding. Some companies will benefit from Brexit, my employer for example and our neighbours. They export to the EU, so a weak pound is good. We earn off the back of used cars, so low new car sales are good for us because it means more prime are buying used.

We're not representative of the UK - the average income is about 3 times the UK median, and noone is below 150% of the median. So who cares if your fuel or holiday is 20% more expensive when you're earning a six figure salary. If it's ok for "me" it's ok for everyone, right...

Those companies leaving are more likely to suffer from Brexit so the move is understandable.

Comment Re: Such as? (Score 5, Informative) 442

I can't really comment on Trump - not being American. With regards to Brexit I can confidently say that the Leave voters in my office did indeed ignore facts and believed what they wanted to hear.

* They were told the UK would have to make concessions to retain access to the single market, but "no, we've a bigger economy then Norway, so we'll get what we want".
* They were told it would devalue the sterling, but "no, that's project fear"
* They were told that Turkey joining the EU was highly unlikely - 1 out of 37 chapters in 10 years - but "no, Merkel will push it through" even though the UK was a bigger proponent than Germany.
* They were given the figures on immigrants being less likely to claim benefits then natives, but ignored them.

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