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Comment Re: Police state (Score 1) 250

No you can't. However, the UK is free to pass laws that contravene EU privacy laws. It just takes some time for the UK government to be taken to task over them. Take David Davis - the UK Brexit Minister - he took legal action against [his own] government over mass monitoring in the European Court of Justice.

Comment Re:Not very smart (Score 1) 497

After the 2010 UK general election - where the incumbent Labour government were doing everything and anything to try staying in power by trying to form a coalition - I made a comment on facebook along the lines of

Time to get a rifle and put this government out of its misery

I came across it a few years later and thought "that wasn't too bright" and deleted it. Luckily my account's settings have the highest privacy settings (but that doesn't stop somebody taking a screenshot), but I doubt my defence "it was clearly a reference to what you do to a sick animal" would have garnered much sympathy in a UK court, especially with my Irish ancestry.

Comment Re: entrapment (Score 1) 176

My understanding of US law is that "putting a female police officer in a skirt and asking if you want a good time" *isn't* entrapment. The punter can simply say "no thanks" and walk on. It's entrapment if the punter is coerced into doing something illegal because you are given no choice but to break the law.

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