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Comment Re:Sounds like the UK post Brexit (Score 2) 513

It's the same all over - people like to push the blame onto others, otherwise they'd have to admit their own stupidity. I work with a couple of people like that - it's always somebody else's fault.

The EU will continue to be a great scapegoat all the way through the Article 50 negotiations, and even after if the UK doesn't get a good deal. I wonder what will replace it in the future?

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 513

Yeah. I temped for the Ordnance Survey in the UK for a year. Even though they weren't obliged (because the UK hadn't signed up to the EU working time directive, and we were temps so had bugger all rights) we weren't allowed to work overtime on both weekend days (as much as I wanted to as the pay was shit), because the OS subscribed to it (like many companies).

Comment Re: Well Geek Squad didn't plant the child porn (Score 4, Informative) 164

My understanding - from a talk at DefCon by a lawyer - was that once the FBI is aware of what Geek Squad staff are doing, those staff have become agents of the state and therefore require a warrant.

It's "fine" for somebody to look at your drive and inform the authorities if they find something illegal - the government was not aware of what was happening so it's admissable. This changes the moment the government says "thanks for that, let us know if this happens again, by the way here's some cash". They've instructed someone to access private information without a warrant.

Source: - DEFCON 17: Search And Seizure Explained - They Took My Laptop!

Comment Re:Asking too much of North Korea? (Score 1) 233

It was over Japan'ss EEZ (200 NM), not territorial waters. It's basically the region where they have exclusive shipping and drilling rights. Anyone can enter the area without explicit permission.

The difference between the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone is that the first confers full sovereignty over the waters, whereas the second is merely a "sovereign right" which refers to the coastal state's rights below the surface of the sea

Comment Re:This is news...? (Score 1) 264

I had to google the term after watching an episode of Archer - it was the first time I'd ever heard it. I have literally never heard of anyone (not even about a friend of a friend of a friend...) doing something like that, and I've heard some pretty fucked stuff from my colleagues.

Is this an actual thing in the US?

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