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Comment Make ISPs at the source responsible (Score 1) 343

I fail to understand why ISPs aren't blocking packets from customers (bots) that have a source address that is impossible from that location. They know the end point address out subnet already.

Years ago (when i was stupid, times were tough and everything was done on a shoestring) I had a BSD box that "load balanced" two connections (ADSL & WISP). The WISP one caught packets not being correctly SNATed, dropped them and told me.

Comment Re: Common problem (Score 1) 117

I had exactly this - I built some radio controlled pwm-dimmable led light bricks using an Arduino clone. I wanted a hard reset using the fob - long press would charge a capacitor to pull the reset pin low.

It worked fine on some, but not on all. As it turned out some of the clones has a different value pull-up resistor that changed the timing - very frustrating.

Comment Re:Japanese focus on Britain (Score 1) 315

We also can get back our blue passports (actually, I don't have a British passport) and fly flags in our garden*

* I listened to a colleague say "now we're leaving the EU I can fly a Union Jack in my garden". I queried why he can't already and apparently he was told by the council in the 90s that he had to take down the flag pole outside his business. The fact that countless homes, businesses and local government buildings currently fly a Union Flag was ignored. I suggested that maybe the reason that it's no longer an issues might be because of EU legislation that prevented a British official from telling him not to fly a flag.

Submission + - Explosion at SpaceX launch facility at Cape Canaveral

oobayly writes: The Independent reports of an explosion at SpaceX's Cape Canveral launch facility. According to NASA they were testing one of the Falcon 9 rockets recovered from a barge landing.

Buildings several miles away were shook by the blast, and people nearby reported that multiple explosions continued for several minutes. After the explosion the sky was filled with dark smoke and sirens could be heard.

No comment from either SpaceX or Elon Musk yet, but it'll be interesting to see reaction from them (and SES), especially in light of their announcment regarding the upcoming SES 10 launch.

Comment Re:can we please stop pretending? (Score 2) 120

It's pretty easy to start a drive by download without javascript - just use an iframe that requests a file with an attachment content-disposition. If the whole world stopped using javascript tomorrow malware writers would simply find an alternative delivery method. It's a bit like saying "stop people from buying petrol will mean no more road deaths"

There's already a very simple way to stop this being effective. You still actually have to run the apk (which you don't remember downloading), and enable 3rd party apks (which are disabled on every mainstream phone I've had).

Again with the petrol analogy - if you found a full fuel can in front of your house would you put it in your car?

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