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Comment Re: You know what doesn't need "software updates"? (Score 1) 101

Great for skiing, hiking, bouldering, etc. I can leave my phone safe and warm in my rucksack, and if I get a call or text I can see if it looks important it whether I can ignore it until later.

However I don't wear my pebble watch at any other time as it's of no use to me.

Comment Re: Dilbert predicted this (Score 1) 254

To be fair, I gave Trump better odds at winning - because he brought out the "it's rigged" excuse before the vote, much like what happened with the EU referendum in the UK.

I - like many - laughed at the idea idea of "bring pens", because rubbing out pencil marks is the best way to rig a referendum... My colleagues were bringing out every excuse why the Leave camp would lose.

In hindsight is a very effectively tactic. If you're an undecided or apathetic voter, being told one side will steal the vote will likely spur you into action.

Comment Re: Lack of understanding (Score 2) 442

You're right, there is a lack of understanding. Some companies will benefit from Brexit, my employer for example and our neighbours. They export to the EU, so a weak pound is good. We earn off the back of used cars, so low new car sales are good for us because it means more prime are buying used.

We're not representative of the UK - the average income is about 3 times the UK median, and noone is below 150% of the median. So who cares if your fuel or holiday is 20% more expensive when you're earning a six figure salary. If it's ok for "me" it's ok for everyone, right...

Those companies leaving are more likely to suffer from Brexit so the move is understandable.

Comment Re: Such as? (Score 5, Informative) 442

I can't really comment on Trump - not being American. With regards to Brexit I can confidently say that the Leave voters in my office did indeed ignore facts and believed what they wanted to hear.

* They were told the UK would have to make concessions to retain access to the single market, but "no, we've a bigger economy then Norway, so we'll get what we want".
* They were told it would devalue the sterling, but "no, that's project fear"
* They were told that Turkey joining the EU was highly unlikely - 1 out of 37 chapters in 10 years - but "no, Merkel will push it through" even though the UK was a bigger proponent than Germany.
* They were given the figures on immigrants being less likely to claim benefits then natives, but ignored them.

Comment Re: Lobbying by Goldmans Sachs (Score 4, Insightful) 442

So the deficit is 25 billion. What is that as a percentage of total trade? I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but the EU has a larger - by a factor of 5 - economy then the UK.

So unless the our imports from the EU are 500% of our exports - they're not - any trade war is likely to hit the UK harder than the EU (there are no winners, just losers).

Unless of course you believe that the UK will get whatever it wants without any consequences, which is quite popular at the moment.

Comment Re: What's next? (Score 1) 492

Similar in the UK. A video was release of two armed officers who were dealing with a report of some teens with a handgun. Their getting if the situation was pretty damn good.

It's bizarre. Police in the states seem to be trained in conflict escalation - immediately point your firearm at the suspect - but I suppose that's a side effect of having an armed population.

Take for instance the British army, they are trained to always have their weapons pointed at the ground as deescalation is the priority when dealing with civilians.

Comment Re: Um (Score 1) 492

Yup, a friend of mine in uni asked me to leave his office when I walked in eating a snickers, I would have been about 3 metres from him and he could feel himself reacting. The first thing he said to me when I walked in was "does that have peanuts in it"

Up until that point I had no idea you could be that sensitive to peanuts.

Comment Re: Dual Sims (Score 1) 127

I'm in the UK. I have a Three contact that gives me unlimited data in the UK, free calls & texts and 12GB of data when roaming (in selected countries) which makes my phone cheap to use when back in Ireland or on holiday.

I also have my work Vodafone data-only SIM, so I can use that if Three coverage is sketchy.

Comment Re:Farm? Hardly (Score 1) 196

It's also the 3rd largest country (by area) in the world, and second in terms of energy consumption, so it's not that great a surprise. Not to knock the US, but it lags in terms of wind as a percentage of energy consumption - 4.7% compared to Spain (19%), Germany (13.3%) and the UK (11%) - but ahead of China (3.3%).

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