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Submission + - Teenager arrested for 'swearing near pensioner' 1

oobayly writes: The Daily Telegraph reports that a Louisiana teenager has been arrested for swearing near 75 year old. According to the the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office the charge is for "DISTURBING THE PEACE / LANGUAGE/ Disorderly Conduct" and that:

While standing next to my 75 year-old complainant, Jared yelled the word "fuck" and clearly disturbed her peace.

As an outsider to the US — who is seriously envious of the 1st Amendment — how is this even an arrest-able office? Given that 43% Slashdot readers describe themselves as liberal/libertarian I doubt that many will support this — especially as Smith is only accused of shouting "fuck", not verbally abusing the lady — but is it likely the Sherif's office actually have a case?

Comment Re: This is better than what Obama did (Score 1) 268

That and the fact that coalition forces refused to allow Saddam Hussein era officials (and army officers) from serving in the new government and army. This resulted in a large number of well trained soldiers left with no job and a massive grudge.

Compare this to Germany - yes they had a massive de-nazification campaign, but civil servants and Hitler era officers were allowed to continue serving, under the watchful eye of allied forces.

Comment Was the information given identical? (Score 1) 74

I'm not supposed that to doctors will give different diagnoses, but they also have to work with what they're given. A patient may give different details, especially if they've just spoken to a GP - they're likely to preempt questions that had to be asked previously.

This goes with every profession. A colleague of mine was being investigated by HMRC (tax) and was complaining that his accountant was still telling him it was ok to claim fuel, but the tax man wasn't. The problem was he didn't understand that by lying to the accountant (consciously or otherwise) she couldn't give him the correct info.

Comment Re:Not an overbooking incident (Score 1) 575

Maybe UA need to look at how their scheduling works, and make sure those very important staff are taken into account when flogging seats.

At the very least, those critical staff should have been put on the aircraft first, and then allow the passengers to board. At least then the *only* chaos would have been caused by preventing a paid-up and checked-in passenger from boarding, not having to use security to drag a customer off the aircraft.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

When I was a student I always asked if they were looking for standby seats. Unfortunately it never happened as cash is cash. The last time I had a threat of being bumped was in a group of 10 on a stag weekend. The problem there was that there were two flights a day so that would have fucked up the whole reason for the trip, so in that case we weren't happy about it.

If I had to be in work the next morning - like this guy - I'd be seriously pissed off about being bumped, regardless of how much cash they're throwing at me.

Comment Re:Is that really going to catch terrorists? (Score 1) 505

I was going to rely with a joke about terrorists using exploding phones and not burner* ones, but then I released that was the Israelis.

* I'm not even convinced that current terrorists in the EU/USA would know to use burner phones - they seem to be too bloody stupid. The only reason they seem to succeed is sheer luck rather than skill. The current crop also seem to be drug using, alcohol drinking rentboys.

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