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Comment Re: Why no engine grill? (Score 1) 401

Yes - the anecdotal evidence is that we see airlines operating 2-engined short haul aircraft, and manufacturers make aircraft that airlines will buy.

Also, compare the Trent 500 & 700 engines (4 on the A340 and 2 on the A330 respectively).
500 - 5.25 TWR
700 - 6.76 TWR

They cost about the same, and have similar specific fuel consumption, but your engine cost and mass is double on the A340.

Comment Re: Manufacturer's responsibility (Score 1) 401

I got bored one spring and decided to build a quadcopter. Because I'm close to an RAF base and because we sometimes get Pumas and Chinooks doing low level training over the [abandoned] airfield where I work, I checked VFR chart. Turns out I'm at the very end of a MATZ (Military Air Traffic Zone) stub, so you can legally fly up to 1,000ft below, or 3,000ft above - not a problem for me.

It's not hard to find out the rules. Stupid people are stupid and lazy people are lazy. No point tarring everyone with the same brush.

Comment Re:The so-called 'community standards' (Score 1) 303

Without a doubt there are different problems. Some will argue that the UK has made it too easy for them not to assimilate - can't speak English, have a translator, etc. Some will argue that the problem is with 2nd & 3rd generation British Muslims* - they've rose tinted glasses about "back home", ignoring the fact their parents & grandparents fought tooth and nail to leave the aforementioned "paradise". All the reasons people come up with will have a modicum of truth.

* It's not just a Muslim issue - an Indian in university (Sikh) got annoyed when I called him English. The conversation went a bit like this:
Him: I'm Indian
Me: Oh, when did you move to London?
H: I've always lived here
M: So you're English.
H: No I'm Indian
M: How long have you lived in India?
H: Never
M: Ok then, what passport do you have
H: British
M: You're English...

Comment Re:Guardian Censorship (Score 1) 303

When I get off my arse, I want to write a script that scrapes comments, and if it sees they've been removed, flag the cached record as such. That way I can see what's been deleted. It would be pretty easy to then tweet them automagically. In fact, that might be my task before the pub quiz tonight.

Comment Oh the irony (Score 1) 303

"The Guardian Publishes Comment Abuse Stats, Invites Debate On Moderation" - by disabling commenting on the article in the link. I'm a regular on the Grauniad's website, and their censoring of comments has become ridiculous. I've have comments removed because I highlighted an author's hypocrisy, use of logical fallacies and general intellectual dishonesty.

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