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Comment Re:3DMark cheats, so no wonder it is cheated (Score 0) 188

OK, I take 8-cored Galaxy S4 and other dual-core phone, both 1.6GHz, then I get exactly same score in 3DMark.

Now, how stupid I was I paid like 3 times more for the galaxy S4!
I could get the cheaper phone that works exactly the same (at least 3DMark says so).

3DMark is broken in the very design.
Customers, and most importantly, some websites are too stupid to understand this and trust its scores.

Samsung did he right thing: broke the thing that was broken already.
They did what they could to get the best result. Every other manufacturer can do the same. And that will be unrealistic, but FAIR score.
Every other score is simply unfair, because 3DMark is a wrong tool to measure it.
There is really no Right thing to do, apart from throwing 3DMark to the trash bin.

Comment 3DMark cheats, so no wonder it is cheated (Score -1) 188

3DMark does not understand what it it measuring, gives scores out of thin air, and blames companies for trying not to LOSE points.

Imagine this situation:
Samsung Galaxy S4 with 8 cores 1.6GHz each: to say it simply: it has algorithms to suppress usage of all of them for 'normal' applications to save battery.
And a ShittyPhone with a dual-core 1.8GHz each and no optimisations for battery life whatsoever.
Which one is better?
3DMark will give more points to the ShittyPhone, because as a single application it cannot utilize the power of Galaxy S4.

What does it mean? That 3DMark is just a shitty benchmark, and that's what it is.
This example is just for CPU power testing, but you can find such flaws in almost all 3DMark tests.
Creators of 3DMark do not have a clue how to test modern multicore smartphones, but they do not care and release their product.

The real problem? People use this shitty benchmark and judge product basing on the meaningless score it produces.

Why should Samsung LOSE customers because 3DMark lied to them?
It's better to 'cheat' this crappy software into being at least a bit more FAIR in judging their products.

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