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Comment Trolls and jesters (Score 4, Interesting) 369

Al Gore once titled a movie of his "an inconvenient truth". The premise being that the truth can be isn't convenient, pretty or profitable. It's an argument that was widely embraced by the left when it was in there favor. Now that it is against their favor it is condemned (flashbacks of wikileaks anyone?).

Milo has previously stated that in today's society only trolls are allowed to speak the truth. This position used to be taken by the court jester or fool, the one person who could speak freely, to say what no one else dared. In today's society sites like 4chan have become the fool, saying what no one else dares.

4chan or it's replacement while always exist because history has always demanded that the truth be told, no matter how politically incorrect it is.

Comment Yiip Yap (Score 3, Interesting) 129

It seems every time someone discovers how to do old thing on a new medium and it makes news. Put missiles on a drone, bully someone online, use a new technology to commit a heinous crime? All of these things received widespread news coverage, when they are really nothing more than pencils with erasers:

In reality these are human nature stories, not technology stories. There is nothing new here, just the combination of things that have already been invented. I want to hear about innovation and invention, not pencil erasers. This is a technology site and should be better than this.

Comment Risk? (Score 5, Insightful) 367

We already have inequality in our DNA, and not just the *ist kind. Some people are inherently susceptible or resistant to certain diseases, more likely to live longer and so on. The very nature of DNA is to be unequal and provide genetic diversity. Species that lack enough diversity in their DNA have a habit of going extinct.

Parents will decide to look out for the best interest of their child and enhance their child's opportunities in life. The body, can and will be hacked, get over it.

Comment Prevent? (Score 4, Interesting) 138

That train left year ago. He's delusional if he thinks a race is even an option. The US is years behind and isn't even in the running. Hell we've just started to realize this is something we ought to /start/ training professionals for. We've still got people trying to outlaw security tools.

We're years behind the competition, where professionals have been getting trained and put to work for many years. We're just getting to the point of having courses in hacking, never mind college degree based level training. How the hell are we going to enter a race when only a handful of three letter agencies even have professional hackers in their employ? This isn't the kind of thing your going to call up your local friendly pen-test company for. You can't win a race you refuse to enter.

Comment Re: I beg to differ (Score 2) 138

That's nonsense. Immigrants have always been subject to inspections and requirements to fit societal standards. Storekeepers and others also freely practiced discrimination (Jews, Irish, Germans, Asians, etc.).

I'm not saying I agree or disagree with either side on this debate. I'm saying that the setting of standards and rejecting immigrants who fail to meet those standards is well established in American history (sometimes with tragic consequences).

Comment Sadly, not tongue in cheek (Score 2) 465

Who do they think their fooling?

Twitter is well known for either being extremely tolerant or intolerant of bullying, death threats, personal attacks all based on your politics. Want to threaten to kill a cop? Go right ahead. Fancy hate speech against white people? That's okay. Want to use twitter to propagate terrorist propaganda? No worries, they can't be bothered to do anything about it.

With twitter, free speech depends on who your victim is. In fact their executives refuse to go on the record saying that they support free speech.

Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 4, Insightful) 270

Just curious, did you defend Microsoft as a private Monopoly? Do you realize that Facebook has over 1 billion people on their platform and that they effectively have a monopoly on social media? Do you think it's okay for a monopoly to abuse their position to promote a particular ideology? Would you feel the same way if they promoted right wing content instead?

Comment The fix is in (Score 4, Insightful) 270

When will people wake up and realize the fix is in? You know those ties between the media and the Democrats that the right complained about for years? Have you realized yet that the question about using facebook to prevent a Trump presidency wasn't rhetorical?

Bernie's supporters have started to wake up and realize that they are just as excluded as the right. The only difference now is that things are being exposed in plain text for the world to see. Only big business and congress have worse credibility ratings that the media.

Wake up sheeple.

Comment Communism (Score 1) 519

100 million dead can't be wrong

Let's try it again! The world has 7 billion people to and we can spare another 100 million, right? Surely all the decades of forced ideology by dozens of countries just weren't done the /right/ way. With the patented new and improved right way we can do it right this time. This time we'll do it with 1/3rd fewer dead people!!! /zombie apocalypse //one guaranteed way to make communism work

Comment DARPA is normally bleeding edge (Score 2, Interesting) 89

Bot's have been battling like this for many years. A decade ago I was taking agents and using them to create self healing networks when I traveled as a consultant. I picked up and used a number of tricks used by botnet operators. I took the logic used to keep a botnet up and running and used that on corporate networks.

I automated the works, and did so with nothing more than a set of scripts and set of agents. You could well argue the result was black hat botnets battling corp botnets. I have got to imagine that I was far from the first to build something like this. Without doubt blackhat botnets have battled blackhat botnets for control for many years.

Where's the innovation, using a supercomputer?

Comment Sanders sold out (Score 1) 644

Sanders was an outsider taking on the elites and the political establishment. Hillary is the establishment, she is the perennial insider candidate. It will be interesting to see how many of Sanders supporters stay true to their ideals and refuse to vote for the women they spent months campaigning against. /do Bernie Sanders fans care about corruption?

Comment Absurd premise (Score 0) 983

Why should the police be forced to expose themselves to someone who already killed several cops? He claimed to have several bombs, stated a desire to continue killing (white people - making it a hate crime) and refused to surrender for at least an hour. It simply wasn't safe to risk walking up to him to try using a taser. Who can reasonably tell how many bombs might be hidden in this premeditated murder spree?

The concept of lining up and exposing yourself to danger went out of style well over a century ago. This isn't a sporting match where you're trying to give the other guy a chance to score. This isn't Hollywood, it is real life, with several very real people already murdered. There is no sane reason that anyone should have had to risk their life just to try to overpower this killer.

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