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Comment DARPA is normally bleeding edge (Score 2, Interesting) 88

Bot's have been battling like this for many years. A decade ago I was taking agents and using them to create self healing networks when I traveled as a consultant. I picked up and used a number of tricks used by botnet operators. I took the logic used to keep a botnet up and running and used that on corporate networks.

I automated the works, and did so with nothing more than a set of scripts and set of agents. You could well argue the result was black hat botnets battling corp botnets. I have got to imagine that I was far from the first to build something like this. Without doubt blackhat botnets have battled blackhat botnets for control for many years.

Where's the innovation, using a supercomputer?

Comment Sanders sold out (Score 1) 644

Sanders was an outsider taking on the elites and the political establishment. Hillary is the establishment, she is the perennial insider candidate. It will be interesting to see how many of Sanders supporters stay true to their ideals and refuse to vote for the women they spent months campaigning against. /do Bernie Sanders fans care about corruption?

Comment Absurd premise (Score 0) 983

Why should the police be forced to expose themselves to someone who already killed several cops? He claimed to have several bombs, stated a desire to continue killing (white people - making it a hate crime) and refused to surrender for at least an hour. It simply wasn't safe to risk walking up to him to try using a taser. Who can reasonably tell how many bombs might be hidden in this premeditated murder spree?

The concept of lining up and exposing yourself to danger went out of style well over a century ago. This isn't a sporting match where you're trying to give the other guy a chance to score. This isn't Hollywood, it is real life, with several very real people already murdered. There is no sane reason that anyone should have had to risk their life just to try to overpower this killer.

Comment Utter nonsense (Score 5, Insightful) 197

There is no magic or silver bullet in security, just a set of best practices (processes), technology and people working together. If done according to any major standard defense in depth will be used. There is no such concept as 'if national politics =X then Y. Best practices are widely publicized and available to any organization or government in the world.

Whether or not an organization follows security best practices has everything to do with their culture and nothing to do with their politics. There is no tool that any given country has a lock on.

What's next? Brexit endangers air supply?

Comment And? (Score 0, Troll) 114

Really? This non-story made Slashdot? Shall we get out the tin-foil hats, UFO shirts and start watching conspiracy theory movies? I should hope that on this site people have at least a basic understanding of how technology works. /tinfoil hat brigade to the rescue //just as soon as the contrails clear out ///and fluoride in the water is removed

Comment Re:If (Score 2) 232

Depends, is it your personal account that isn't related to any organization? Then the least of risk is your account being used for spam. That's your best case scenario.

Quite often personal email accounts are tied as the password recovery to access secondary systems like banking passwords? Would you like your forgotten bank account password reset and a new one emailed to you? If you're lazy enough to use a common password chances are you reused that same password on other systems you have access to.

If it's your work account now I have access to a trusted account that can be used for fraud. Perhaps you work with sensitive data, or data that can be readily taken out of context? Perhaps your access can be used to embarrass your organization? It can also be used to identify spear fishing opportunities. It can be exploited to help gain access into your organization's network.

These aren't hypotheticals, these situations occur every single day. They are a leading cause of data breaches, and the same damn Pa$$w0rd set keeps showing up year after year. Frankly the only surprising thing will be if other major organizations don't follow by also banning very weak passwords.

Some reading on why this matters: http://www.verizonenterprise.c...

Comment Shotgun (Score 5, Funny) 351

I hooked up my computer to my home stereo to show the game off to my roommates. I lived in an apartment in a bad neighborhood at the time.

I started to play and got as far as two shotgun blasts in before pressing pause to answer the phone. Shortly after the phone rang there was a very loud and forceful knock at the door. Said knock was followed by 'open up, police!'.

I went to the door, confused why the police were banging on my door. Several officers were standing outside with their guns in their hands while I had my phone in my hand. In my confusion I asked them what they wanted. They said they had reports of shots being fired and demanded entrance to my apartment. I let them in and showed them my computer with the game still paused. They were incredulous and didn't believe me, searching the apartment instead.

Ten seconds later they came back after finding nothing of interest. They then let me show them the computer game. I then showed them that by clicking the keyboard I could make the shotgun noise they heard.

Many additional police vehicles were outside. The officers had not yet bothered to tell the many additional cops outside that the shotgun was just a videogame. Much panic ensued as the officers outside started to yell 'shots fired' with their fellow officers inside my apartment..

Moral of the story. Make sure the officers communicate to each other. Amazingly when all was said and done I got off with a warning (since it was before 10pm) and many policeman looking at how I hooked the computer into the stereo.

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