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Comment So true (Score 4, Insightful) 969

Mandatory overtime for like the last 3 years - it was fun until they stopped paying for any overtime. Only way I escaped was to work remote to pursue an MBA. And now what do I have to look forward to? Management Consulting or Investment Banking careers that have 60+ hour weeks as the norm.

Comment Re:ITAR is the problem (Score 1) 332

This is not true in my portion of the industry. I design the Flight Management software and systems (my last three projects were A380, B787, and B747-8). All of our work is strictly not military; we have a separate group that does military work. The two product lines are 100% independent. So there is really no issue as far as I see here. Of note as well - we already employ 400+ Indian engineers working on our product. So selling components to China is of little concern.

Final point - just because the Chinese build an aircraft doesn't mean they understand aerospace. I would argue that while Boeing and Airbus build aircraft, many of their suppliers have most of the knowledge; they just integrate everything.

Comment We use it, and it sucks (Score 3, Informative) 175

I work at a Fortune 100 company and we recently (1 year ago) deployed disk encryption to all laptops. It sucks honestly. You can't do image backups anymore, not to mention backups are questionable because you don't always know how the backup is being done (low level copy, file copy, etc.). Furthermore, it SLOWS compiles, etc. way way down. When you are hitting the disk a ton to compile, the encryption takes a huge toll. And finally, if something does wrong on the disk, well your data it at the hands of an IT guy they hired last week. Even worse, they won't give IT-contractors the keys to fix encryption issues, so only a limited staff can deal with disk encryption issues encountered.

Comment Issue tracking may be mandatory (Score 2, Interesting) 129

For those suggesting simple solutions like a white board or a Wiki: these are good ideas, but it is possible the users are required to use a formal, controlled issue tracking system. For example, the FAA requires controlled issue tracking with many many controls and procedures in place.

A whiteboard or a wiki would encounter a large amount of scrutiny while trying to explain to a DER (designated engineering representative) how the highest priority issue on the whiteboard got replaced by your five year old who likes to draw purple kitties...

Military projects are in a similar situation, although I am not as familiar with the specifics.

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