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Comment Handicapped himself (Score 1) 579

There was no reserved parking at apple. It was one of those "round table" things - first come first served, no one felt superior about their parking place. Very frustrating since there wasn't visitor parking either. You're really left to the wolves if you show up at 11 :)

Maybe he thought of himself as handicapped? That would be funny if he did think of himself as a handicapped. But I think he went to use the handicap parking space because the no license plate won't be scrutinize. As I said, Jobs was a shrew. Business man through and through.


Submission + - Social networking sites targeted by hacking daily (ihotdesk.com)

onezeta writes: "Social networking site Facebook has revealed that it has to fend off around 600,000 security attacks from hackers every day.

Out of more than a one billion daily logins, the site estimates that around six per cent are fraudulent, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Facebook revealed the shocking numbers in blog post announcing a series of new security measures they intend to implement in the next couple of weeks.

Company spokesman Barry Schnitt admitted: “600,000 times a day, we stop a bad guy from getting access to an account even though he has guessed, phished, or stolen the login and password of an account. This is something we're very proud of.”"

Comment Re:Dont worry about it (Score 1) 402

You'll be dead.

You're rude. He already has lost a loved one and a little frazzled with the difficulties in unpreparedness of his father and everything. And yet you put comments like this? Where has humanity gone? To the original poster, my condolences. I know its pretty hard being left behind and dealing with all of this but you have be strong. Be level-headed. Also for your future reference, you can write a will where you put in all the necessary information for all your accounts to your family.


Submission + - Top Fifteen Horror Games for PCs and Game Consoles (pcworld.com)

onezeta writes: "Just in time for Halloween, these 15 horror-themed games will scare even the most seasoned master of the macabre.
Zombies, demons, and all sorts of other deadly creatures have been scaring the piss out of gamers for years, and the gut-wrenching titles just keep getting better."

Submission + - 5 IPad Gadgets for Geeks (pcworld.com)

onezeta writes: "To most users, the iPad is a sleek tablet for watching videos, nosing around the Web and reading the occasional e-book. But to tech enthusiasts, the iPad can also be a platform to satisfy their intense curiosity.

We've gathered a bunch of unique gizmos that have one thing in common: they can take the iPad into new — and often unexpected — directions.

Ranging from techno toy to digital tool, these devices include a mini joystick, a digital voltmeter, an oscilloscope that lets you peer inside an electronic circuit, an iPad-controlled telescope that helps you view the night sky and a fascinating robotic ball."

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