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Comment Re:Take PHP outside web pages altogether. (Score 1) 292

functionReturningAnObject()->field doesn't work

This works fine in PHP 5.1.4:

class TestClass {
function TestClass()
$this->field = 1000;

function returnAnObject()
$obj = new TestClass;
return $obj;

echo returnAnObject()->field;
- - - - - - - -

Now, explain to me why it is that the last item in $a is incremented twice, while all the others are only incremented once?

Sure (after some fiddling around). As you enter the second foreach loop, $b contains a reference to the last member of the array because that's how the previous foreach left things. Therefore, for each iteration, what you are saying is this: Make the last member of the array ($a[3] as referenced by $b) equal to the current member of the array, plus one.

If $b added 1 to itself (as might be expected) then the value would end up being 9. What seems to be happening in the second loop is: $a[3] = $a[n] + 1, not $a[3] += 1

I don't know if that behaviour is right or wrong in a formal sense.

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