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Comment Misleading summary on /.? That's unpossible! (Score 5, Informative) 229

She didn't steal it from the scammers, she stole it from the victims and then just didn't forward the money to the scammers like she was "supposed" to. This isn't a story of comeuppance or anything... just someone other than Nigerians ending up with the money. And of course the Nigerians didn't file the complaint... the victims did.

Comment Re:Apex of wow was Wrath of the lich king (Score 1) 276

WOTLK was pretty casual friendly, for raiding. Cata has definitely NOT been. The top guild that took down the lasts raid boss (I forget which guild) took 500+ tries to do it in. So, while they may have done it about a week after it came out, it was definitely not "casual friendly". Fortunately, with the introduction of the raid finder next tier, they will have a new mode that will be casual friendly, while keeping normal and hard mode for the hardcore raiders. Next expac, at launch, will have 3 new raids, i think 9 new 5mans, 2 revamped old 5mans, new challenge modes for those, and a new group questing scenarios thing, while pvp gets 1 new battleground and a dinky looking pokemon clone, so, while the plot might end up involving more faction-conflict (which was actually a BIG theme in WOTLK too), there's no sign that the gameplay will be more pvp focused.

Comment Re:Eh, good riddance (Score 1) 225

what was saved and will that be getting sold off after they "close" ?)

I've been using their service for a while, including password saves on pretty much everything but banking sites (so email, amazon, newegg, etc) with no issues. From one of their pages on the closing, http://www.xmarks.com/about/shutdown :

Privacy and Your Data We understand that you have entrusted us with the task of storing your personal browser data and we take that responsibility very seriously. * We will never sell or release your personal data, and we will make sure to delete all user data once the Xmarks service shuts down. * If you'd like to take immediate action, click here to immediately delete your account and user data. (Make sure you have all your data first!)

Comment Re:CS classes need to be in the real world. (Score 1) 694

This is intro level CS classes that they are talking about. You don't graduate from GT with a CS degree (as I did) without taking several classes working on teams of at least 4, so your coworker has no excuse.
The purpose of these classes is to teach the basics of programming, not how to reuse other people's code or to work in teams, as those are obviously higher level skills taught in higher level courses.

Comment Re:Easy way to "democratically" jail and fine diss (Score 1) 849

Don't like someone badmouthing the government? Require them to register. Then when they (obviously) don't do it, stick 'em in jail and take their money.

badmouthing the government != subversion, since you aren't, you know, actually subverting anything. not saying the law makes sense or anything, but even if it did include that, first amendment > sc laws, so it wouldn't hold up in court anyway. try again.

Enjoy your democracy, guys.

thanks i will.

Comment people's beliefs in god are really just their own: (Score 0) 23

they missed one. http://www.pnas.org/content/106/51/21533.short
"In particular, reasoning about God's beliefs activated areas associated with self-referential thinking more so than did reasoning about another person's beliefs. Believers commonly use inferences about God's beliefs as a moral compass, but that compass appears especially dependent on one's own existing beliefs."

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