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Journal Journal: March Sadness


I actually didn't do too much this weekend, which is actually a good thing. I have a two week break before school starts which is nice because I can actually relax on the weekends for a change.

My brother's friend just invitied me to be part of his March Madness pool hosted on CBS. It has it's own message board and poll feature. I am going to make a total mockery of the site, posting threats and mindless polls that have nothing to do with basketball. His fault, not mine. Feel my wrath.

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Journal Journal: I Am In a Love Triangle


I am in love triangle, much like the "Love Trangle of the Taco Bell" from way back in the 80's (steak, chicken, original taco with the cruchy shell) which is really like a love rhombus if you think about it.

This love rhombus involves Python, Jython and SVG. And my sorry ass. I love Python because it is so easy to program, there are a shitload of libraries out there and has great scientific computing support and I can get things done quick like a bunny. I love Jython because I can do simple tasks quickly and easily with existing Java code and write Jython classes that can be later translated to Java source or compiled directly into bytecode for the JVM. And I love SVG because you can easily construct vector (think scalable, not like GIF or JPEG) graphics with XML and make animations very similar to Flash and you can also select text out of a graphic.

With technologies like these, who needs sex with hot chicks?

I do. :-(

Oh yeah, It's been awhile since my last post. Job still sucks, I am still sexless (not including "Hands Solo") and Boston is still cold and the people here are still assholes.

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Journal Journal: In Soviet Russia, a Shadow Sees Its Groundhog!


Haven't written in awhile, been busy with my new so called job. I am contracting as a software engineer for a large supermarket chain and I am doing anything but engineering software. What a shitty place to work. They are a supermarket chain and you actually have to pay for coffee there. They also charge a dollar for a Coke. What a load of horseshit. Anyway, I get to commute 30 minutes each way to work with people who shouldn't be writing their own names let alone software. It's only a three month contract so hopefully I can find something different.

I hate this fucking place. Tonight, I grabbed a beer from the fridge that was left over from our little Super Bowl party and he asked me if I could "replace that next week". Yeah, I'll go down to the store and by one beer, you jackass. He's the same guy I was talking about in a previous journal entry who's girlfriend broke up with him because he farts too much in bed. He also has hemoriods and is on a shitload of medication. Maybe if he wasn't such a tight ass, he wouldn't have so many medical problems.

I've got to get my ass to bed so I can yet again work another Sunday. As my hero and mentor Pootie Tang would say, "Co me dow on the panny stai."

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Journal Journal: Should the term "Bitch Whore" be hyphenated?


I noticed I been using the term bitch whore lately. I can't recall where I heard it first but I think it has a nice ring to it. I started using when watching that Joe Millionare show (i.e. "She's a bitch whore.", "Oh, that girl's a bitch whore.", "Her and her sister are bitch whores."). I called my roommate a bitch whore and he's a guy.

Got the call I've been dreading all winter from my mother. Her 20 year old heating unit is about to die on her. She says she is getting less and less heat from it each week. We were supposed to replace it in September but since my sorry ass is still unemployed, we didn't. I need $3,000 to fix it. I think I may have it under my matress somewhere. I also got a call from my landlord this weekend too. I still owe him $600 in rent. If I owe anybody else money, please give me a call.

Ever get to the point where you are so depressed that you don't even want to drink anymore? I can't remember the last time I had a drink, I was probably too drunk to remember it anyways.

Got 12 hours of sleep tonight so I am ready to go for yet another all nighter. There is much studying and much work to do for very little money.

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Journal Journal: Come Back In One Hour; Need Sleepy


Sleep schedule since Sunday:

Sun night: 0 hours
Mon night: 0 hours
Tue night: 4 hours
Wed night: 5 hours
Tonight..: 0 hours so far

Heart palps have gotten worse, but I am attributing that to not sleeping alot this week as well as my near fall down the stairs today.

Classes were really intense yesterday. These guys don't fuck around. 100 pages per week in one class, a shitload of research in another. Bring it on, cuz when you fuckin' wit me, you fuckin' with Death Row.

I found out this week that my roommate's girlfriend broke up with him because he farts too much in bed. He said she did it over email. I will have to get the copy from him, then I will post it here.

For some reason, I must have downloaded One by Metallica because my MP3 player is playing it right now. Hold my breath as I wish for death, please God help me. Been there. I noticed that when it gets to the part about the landmine (i.e. landmine, has taken might sight, taking arms, ... left me with life in Hell) I subsitute the name of the sorry ass company I used to work for (i.e. TeleGea, has taken my sight, ... taken my soul, left me with life in Hell).

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Journal Journal: And Then! And Then! And Then!


Had my first two classes yesterday. One is in DNA sequencing and the other is in microarrays, or as I like to call them "thingies with DNA". Both are intense and both seem like they have alot to offer. I sit next to a Japanese guy with teeth like Austin Powers and the breath that smells worse than my feet. He is in both classes as well so I get four hours of a whole lotta stank.

I find it highly ironic that I just came back from the Chinese restaurant down the street with a big container of soup only to find that Slashdot has a poll about Chinese soup. Chicken and Rice wasn't on there though. Bastards.

I've gotten 12 hours of sleep this week. I notice that when I go long periods without sleep that sometimes my heart will flutter and I will involuntarily inhale forcefully. I wonder if that's a bad thing?

I think I am getting a check tomorrow so I can finally pay the rent for this month. I am sure my landlord will be happy about that.

Dude, Where's My Car? was on cable this afternoon. They should have called it Dude, Where's My Money Back. I have to admit there was one really funny line at the end. They have decide whether to give some doomsday device to either the two Swedish guys, the hot chicks (who were, on the subject of irony, pretty haneous) or some jackass dressed in bubble wrap. One of the guys says, "I refuse to go down in history as the guy who destroyed the universe." That's pretty damn funny. Then they wind up giving it to the two Sweds and they win some pudding or something.

Back to work for my sorry ass. I will be up all night again but I should score some free breakfast from my client and maybe some anal from the agents.

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Journal Journal: Can I Pee in Your Hand for a Dollar?


Forgot to write yesterday, which marked a whole year and a half of unemployment for my sorry ass. I dated my rent check for the 17th, haven't heard anything from my landlord yet. Not like I am going to have any more money on the 17th, but it made me feel better.

Big day tommorrow, first day of classes. Got two back to back, both in DNA sequencing. Wish they met on separate days, I'm not psyched about being in class for four hours unless there are hot chicks, and believe me, there aren't many hot chicks that take graduate science courses.

I've been up for 41 hours straight, a little burnt out right now. Must finish studying though. Hopefully, will get four hours of sleep tonight (2 - 6). Sleep sucks.

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Journal Journal: In a Van Down By the River


While running today, I slipped on some ice and almost fell into a river. It doesn't sound like a big deal but it wouldn't be like I fell along the bank. The river has a dock so it would have been me falling into about six or eight feet of freezing water. That would have been fun.

My roommates want my rent check today, and guess what, they ain't getting it. I have -$800 in my checking account. Awesome. I will hopefully receive a check from one of my clients on Monday and it will hopefully cover expenses for this month.

My roommate from college just told me he got engaged. Yet another wedding I have to attend which means yet another opportunity for me to go deeper into debt as well as realizing how much of a worthless piece of shit I am. I have a better chance of winning Powerball than getting married let alone just having a girl carry on a five minute conversation with me (my record is actually 17 min set last November. She's moving to Arizona in the spring so don't even ask).

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Journal Journal: First Post!


Just giving this a whirl, maybe writing in my shiny new Slashdot journal will help relieve some of my stress and quell my suicidal tendencies.

What a shitty New Year's. Spent last night by myself with a bottle of Asti and watched Rudy, my favorite movie. Trying my best to get inspired for this year. On January 6 I will be offically be unemployed for a year and a half. Wonderful. Classes start on the eigth (both in DNA Sequence Analysis), kind of psyched about that considering I got a A in my Genomics class. I fuckin' rule.

Back to work for my sorry ass, I am currently the star of my own TV show, "Contracting for Pennies". You may have known it from it's former title, "Code This, Bitch Whore".

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