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Comment Re:Could be just me, but... (Score 1) 185

None of the ATM's I've ever used used a touchscreen for pin entry and I'm in the NE US as well. However if someone just used it you may be able to detect subtle differences in the temperature of they keys using a sensitive infrared camera accomplishing very much the same thing. My bank uses metal atm keys which would readily absorb heat.

Comment Re:Solution? (Score 2, Interesting) 120

How about an IR mask? You could always embed a bunch of smd ir leds into the brim of a cap, or affix some to glasses. (glasses would likely be tougher to pull off as they'd need an external power pack located elsewhere) Something like this:

Comment Better than most recovery spending (Score 1) 434

Still - its not billions flushed down the toilet on something that the taxpayers will see NO return on (coughGMcough). At least now our DC leaders will have many more people criticizing this spending. However - the truly corrupt spending will still be well hidden. Like by how 2014 this will be a 100 mil project.

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