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Comment Adult vs. embryonic (Score 2) 92

The article linked to says both. Shame on slashdot not being more specific as there's a world of difference between adult stem cells and embryonic in behavior post creation and transformation. Anybody know what the percentages were and the success of each type as far as remaining "safe" after the creation?

Comment Genetic Fallacy Replies (Score 1) 779

Seriously slashdotters? How many distopian movies have you watched and said, "Crap, that could totally happen to us?" How many of you recognize that there are people who have unhealthy addictions to their virtual worlds? If this were Kevin Smith, the Wachowskis (maybe not after speed racer though), Orwell, Huxley or somebody other than the pope saying this, then you'd all be going, "yeah, he's right, we've got to be careful". Or at the very least we'd be hearing a discussion of the implications of technology on our daily lives. But no, instead you guys go right for the genetic fallacy that because the pope is saying this, it must be garbage. If the pope said 2+2=4 would you all of a sudden stop believing that too? Seriously, the issues he brings up are completely understandable from a religious or non-religious position. We should be concentrating on these, not whether the pope can fly.
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Journal Journal: Baby Monitor DVR

Alright, I'm a new dad and have noticed a complete lack of baby monitors with built in recording. I have computers and iSights i no longer use. Is there something I could do to set up remote baby monitoring and recording with software? My wife and I have iPhones and an iPad. I know there are security cams and baby cams that hook up to software, but they don't record, they just allow viewing. I want to be able to record and capture the beautiful and silly things our child does in bed or th

Submission + - Success with hammered Passport RFID? 1

one2meny writes: The last time Slashdot linked to this issue was 2006. My wife just got a new passport (US) and I was wondering if anybody had had success going through customs with a passport that had had its RFID chip disabled by hammering as the Wired article that was linked to suggested back in 2006? My wife cannot risk her passport being denied because of a non-working RFID, so I don't want to hammer it until I know she'll still be able to get through. I cannot find anything on the US State Dept. website that discusses what is done when an RFID stops functioning and the legality of the passport at that point.

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