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Journal Journal: My PhD published

Well finally after 4 and a bit years my PhD thesis has been published. The title is "Systematics, Specificity, and Ecology of New Zealand Rhizobia", if that doesn't put you off then read the scoop here:

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Journal Journal: New Blog

OK finally putting together a blog, although I am pretty lazy at updating, and in to writing my PhD thesis so don't expect too many updates.

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Journal Journal: Official slashdot song? 2

I submitted this as a story but in case it dosen't make it:
After two weeks with no internet access in Mexico (I coped surprisingly well), I just heard the new song "Slash Dot Dash" off the Album "Palookaville" by Fatboy Slim. The lyrics seem to be little more than saying "slash dot com" repeatedly, but it is catchy. Watch a sample video clip (Banned in the UK). Could this become the official slashdot song?
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Journal Journal: Rio Karma

I have been looking for a decent DAP (Digital Audio Player) for a long time now

The selling points of the Karma were the 20GB Capacity, Ethernet support, OGG Vorbis, and half the price of the Ipod.

I received it from the US on the 22nd of Jan. Working really well so far although many people here have had problems with hard drive failures.

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Journal Journal: New Computer!!!

Oh joy a new computer!

A few days ago I received a brand new Compaq Evo N800w laptop computer. 2.2GHz P4 M Processor, 768MB RAM, ATI Mobility Fire GL 9000 graphics. This is worth about NZ$ 5500 And best of all it was free! Yes it was given to me by the University of Auckland. It is a thing for graduate students. Of course I have to give it back when I finish my degree, but since I am doing a PhD, that will not be for quite some time yet.

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Journal Journal: Health Check

Just had a free health check up at work. Not doing too bad:
  • Blood Glucose: 4.4 mmol/L
  • Blood Pressure: 122 / 70
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 69kg
  • BMI: 23.8
  • Total cholesterol: 4.95 mmol/L (191 mg/dL)
  • HDL: 1.78 mmol/L (69 mg/dL)
  • LDL: 3.17 mmol/L (122 mg/dL)

I have given the American units in the brackets for comparison. Not quite sure why the USA uses these non-SI units. Maybe they think it is easier to read? Anyway the conversion factor is 0.02586 found here

EDIT: 3rd June 2004
Had a new test:

  • Triglycerides: 1.4
  • Total cholesterol: 4.5 mmol/L
  • HDL: 1.5 mmol/L
  • LDL: 2.3 mmol/L

19 Jan 2011 LDL: 3.2

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