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Comment Seems like printing w/ CUPS is still not fixed... (Score 5, Interesting) 90

I was hoping that they might finally get a fix in for this bug (and the likes thereof), which has been making printing under KDE a pain in the butt for the last couple of years (the 4th most hated KDE bug out there) - but nobody seems to care, even tho a patch is available. Nice going with that community process... sigh.

Comment Re:Both are terrible! (Score 1) 397

In Opera, navigate to the website you want to use as a search engine, right-click the search form, click "Create Search", and add a shortcut, say "ende" for the English-German dictionary. Presto, I type in "ende <word>" in the location bar, and I get my translation back. I have shortcuts for Google, Bing, Amazon, IMDb, one for AllMusic artist search, another for AllMusic album search, German, French and Italian, dictionaries, etc... gets quite addictive.

I know that Chromium has the same feature, but it's buried somewhere in the configuration. For Firefox you can probably get it through an add-on...

Comment Re:Socrates, not Aristotle (Score 1) 402

The only mention of Socrates on the page you linked to is this:

In Plato's Apology, Socrates recounts an incident in which the Thirty once ordered him (and four other men) to bring before them a certain man for execution. While the other four men obeyed, Socrates refused, not wanting to partake in the guilt of the executioners. By disobeying, Socrates knew he was placing his own life in jeopardy, and claimed it was only the disbanding of the oligarchy soon afterward that saved his life.

That certainly doesn't suggest that they were his pupils.

Comment Re:Not an issue (Score 1) 300

The $27 million, Italian-built

Ah, that explains it. You know the old joke:

The police are British
The cooks are French
The engineers are German
The administrators are Swiss
The lovers are Italian
The police are German
The cooks are British
The engineers are Italian
The administrators are French
The lovers are Swiss

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