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Comment All we're asking for... (Score 5, Insightful) 590

All I want is an option in the Control Panel that says "Completely disable Metro UI. I understand this will prevent me from installing, launching or utilizing Metro Apps. This will enable the classic Start Menu and will make the Classic Desktop your only operating environment." Problem solved. Just fucking humor us.

Comment Reallocation (Score 1) 264

The "cloud" paradigm will only transition IT jobs from in-house to managed external providers. The IT staff will be cut from physical locations, but managed IT providers will be looking to expand into the cloud environment and will inevitably hire the ex-IT folks. IT equilibrium.

Comment Re:Experience (Score 3) 193

Although driving by it's self is inherently risky, it can be done safely with the proper precautions. Car accidents can be reduced to mechanical failure.malfunction and unforeseen medical emergency if everyone just paid attention and respected the drivers they share the road with. Driving while talking on your phone, updating your social networking, or sending/reading texts (hands-free or otherwise) is a distraction and by definition cannot be done safely.

There is also a difference between hands-free and having a passenger in the car (even a blind passenger). At any point in a conversation with a passenger, you can tell them to shut the fuck up and let you drive, at which point the passenger can take care of themselves until further notice. They also have some form of sensory input that allows them to interpret the situation at hand and assist you in either shutting up or providing relevant information to the crisis at hand. A hand-free device, Siri powered or otherwise, cannot interpret your current situation. If your trying to navigate through congested traffic and need to concentrate, Siri might still be reading you the list of texts you asked for, not realizing it was 20 texts long. Siri might not understand you when you ask it to stop, and it has no sensory information that it can accurately and efficiently relay to you.

Comment Experience (Score 5, Insightful) 193

As someone who's been in a traumatic car wreck due to another driver being distracted, I have absolutely no desire to talk on the phone, send texts or update my social networking while I'm driving. There is nothing happening on my phone that's more important than my life, and I'd rather ignore a phone call or postpone my next twitter update rather than see my femur sticking through my lower intestine. You can call me whatever you want, but car accidents are caused by distractions, and people die. These are massive, powerful, destructive machines, and I'm sick and tired of seeing self-righteous, inconsiderate pricks with their head in their phone doing 75 down the highway.

Comment Tablets (Score 3, Insightful) 77

I have never understood the tablet crazy. I have never once felt the need for another portable device beyond my phone and laptop. I used to have an MP3 player as well, but my phone does that now too. I can remote into my desktop at home with my phone or laptop, both can check my work and personal email, I can take notes and create presentations with my laptop, I can play games on both devices... My laptop is already portable, and in the few instances where it's inconvenient, I don't see how a tablet would be any less inconvenient. Maybe it's just me, but if you have a decent phone and a decent laptop, a tablet is just a waste of money, especially considering the fact that any tablet you're going to buy has the same operating system as your phone. /opinion

Comment Consoles vs. PCs (Score 4, Insightful) 348

I believe that if you want an upgradable gaming/HT platform, then you should build a PC. Consoles are specifically manufactured to run on a set hardware specification. Adding and/or changing the predefined hardware of a console will only add to the development cost of games, which will eventually be passed on to the consumer in the form of even more expensive games. Although the concept seems cool, I don't want next-gen xbox games to cost $100 each.

Comment Education (Score 4, Insightful) 158

I have been waiting for this. Blackouts and protests can raise awareness, but those interested yet lacking knowledge require a targeted repository of information on the issues at hand. The distribution of knowledge is the best way to prepare the masses for the lengthy and technical debates that are sure to arise regarding SOPA/PIPA in the following years.

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