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Comment terrible idea at so many levels (Score 1) 1219

This is uncool at many levels. Breathalyzers are known to be very inaccurate (take a sip of a drink, wait 5 mins, blow, get an off the charts reading). Intoxication varies a lot by individual (hence most places use sobriety tests like balance, etc), using only one metric isn't useful. One guy is passing out at .03 (but is legal), but another will be at double that and score above-average on proficiency tests but the law calls him intoxicated? It all depends on where your start point is (granny's driving ability reduced by 75% is different than your ability reduced by 75%), and your body's specifics. For those of us who actually believe in the 4th amendment, the idea that merely driving through a public access area is enough Probable Cause to be stopped, and refusing an illegal search at that point will result in the police forcibly taking your blood is horrific. More reason to avoid Florida, America's Wang.

Comment b4: BC=hot chicks now: BC=hot chicks/low-tech (Score 1) 1079

I used to think nothing of Boston College other than "hot chicks" (and occasionally "Jesuit?" are they jesus-freaks?). Now, I also think "whoa, hot-chicks, possible jesus-freaks AND their PD has less than zero understanding of technology". If it were central Alabama, I'd be less alarmed, but in Boston this is nuts...

Comment omg are all republicans morons? (Score 0, Flamebait) 658

Taxcuts for the rich aren't the solution to everything. And I've never seen a taxcut build public infrastructure, which is crumbling all over the country. Of course, GOP would rather sell everything to their buddies at companies like Haliburton so they can then charge tolls and fees in perpetuity-- "taxes" are bad though. Morons. Never mind that the GOP-solution-to-everything tax-cuts haven't worked yet and 8 years is plenty of time to demonstrate the GOP's abject fiscal failure...conversely investment by the Feds has worked before. The facts are something fundamentalist neocons aren't ever going to bother with...for a fundie, they are always right no matter what because they are right. Got it? Circular reasoning, the GOP way.

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