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Comment Re:How does it "feel"? (Score 1) 641

He tested things like moving files around, compression, decompression... This is all good and fine, but it's probably not the thing that most people "feel" when they use a computer. What I would like to know is how snappy or sluggish does the operating system "feel" when using it for every-day tasks? Does everything halt while the hard drive cranks away when you click a menu? Do the GUI animations help use the computer or do they simply slow you down? That's the sort of thing that matters to most users. How often do you really have to move 100 MB or 2.5 GB of files around?

I am running win 7 build 7000 on the following hardware AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ 1GB DDR2 RAM 320GB HDD Geforce 6100 (on board graphics) It runs silky smooth, and I am so bloody impressed i almost screamed with joy on first boot. Its considerably quicker than my Opensuse install and feels "snappier" than my XP or VIsta installs. Ive been using windows since the first version, run various versions of Slackware, FreeBSD, Redhat/Mandrake and by far this Micrsofts best OS (even in pre-beta). MS has finally got it right, whatever it is, it is right.

Comment Cisco VFrame (Score 1) 121

I know Cisco has been trying to flog their VFrame ( technology which sounds very similar to this. Funny thing is, VFrame supports VMware itself, so im not sure how that relationship is going to continue.

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