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Submission + - Do Unlicensed Modifications to A Copyrighted Work enjoy copyright protection?

An anonymous reader writes: Hey armchair lawyers! If someone makes a modification to an existing copyrighted work(without being licensed to do so) what effect does this have on the work which has been created? Does the original author actually infringe copyright by making the mod in the first place? What about distribution of said file by the world at large? In case anyone is wondering, the game is Minecraft. There has been a lot of buzz in the Minecraft community as of late and the two sides seem equally justified in their arguments. Who is right?

Comment some of the few copies of this they sell.... (Score 1) 1027

will be to the enterprising young hacker(s) who sandbox the whole thing and reverse the streams involved with the loading and saving of game data, set up some quick and dirty webserver to respond to the proper requests and then thinstall/virtualize the whole damn thing, unless ubisoft is going to withhold a lot of their content on the central servers , i dont see how this screws over anyone BUT the paying people but sometimes...i am way way off

Comment Come ON Nintendo, Square (Score 1) 142

Final Fantasy 1 was THE game that got me into the RPG genre, and solidified my Nintendo Fan-boi-ism for many,many years to come, but now having seen my favorite game ported to Sony PSP and now iPhone/iPod without seeing an NDS remake is just boiling my oil. and also to Square/Enix, don't forget about those of us who saved your now-wretched company back then when Final Fantasy was almost your swan-song, We'd like a way to play this game on a console with bloodlines to the original, without having to resort to emulators to do so. I've been waiting since i heard of the PSP version for a DS port/remake to come out, looks like I still have to keep waiting :\ Olo

Comment Re:And the inevitable problems (Score 1) 727

chances are, the people who have made this switch(as I have,2 weeks running ubuntu(mind you it took several botched attempts at setting myself a proper partition size and swap, but i got through it)) are not making the switch because they think this is a way to run their windows programs 'better' i am assuming 95% of all people who switch to linux of any variant are doing so at the urging(and with the support) of close friends and family. ubuntu being my own personal experience(last install of linux i tried was redhat circa 1998-99) and my experience was several orders of magnitude better. compiz is the bomb, i dont honestly think i have been more pleased with a system, considering my pc would struggle at best to install a basic version of vista, i am quite pleased, my internet experience on the whole has increased, on windows when i would max my incoming bandwidth i would be experiencing disconnects and poor connectivity from other applications, none of these issues thus far in ubuntu, and i've noticed my upstream is on average 50-60K/sec faster, there are decent equivalents for just about any program i use, the only exception is that i run a virtual machine for apps i am not ready to let go of yet, mIRC (i spent all those years learning to script it i am not throwing that away) and convertxtodvd which i have not found a decent alternative to as of yet, i havent gone the WINE route as i feel it would be counter-productive to what I am trying to accomplish with the switch. any thoughts?

Comment IF they are going this route (Score 1) 395

will ISP's do the 'right thing' and maybe set some 'free-leech' whitelist where people who use services such as steam/youtube/wow/itunes that can accrue a lot of bandwidth over the course of the month, while trying to bill UPSTREAM to entice legitimate content-providers to buy themselves a slot on this 'whitelist' so their business model is not affected by this sudden loss of 'capacity' on the ISP networks? I'm hoping not, but at least it would keep those who are legitimately paying for products and services to continue to receive the value that they are paying for. ie, 100gb cap, but anything going thru itunes/wow/steam/youtube etc would not be counted against your quota, everything else does, hopefully this isnt where things are going, but who knows :( its time for a 'public internet' where you pay for your access and thats it, u are free to do as u please on the connection u pay for, if you do something that is illegal and get caught then thats between you and the authorities, the ISP should not be involved.

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