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Desktops (Apple)

Journal Journal: New G4s and Safari speed

Dual 1.42GHz G4s just out. Pretty nice, but how noisy are they going to be? I want one, but I'd probably put it in another room to the screen...

Anyway, Safari opens even the largest Slashdot comments page happily in a couple of seconds, on my 600MHz iBook, so I'm still happy with what I've got. Safari in fact is amazingly polished and fast for a beta, and once you get to know the bookmarking system there's no going back. In fact it's so fast I don't want tabs! I used tabs in Moz cuz changing from window to window meant an annoying pause for 5 seconds or so while a new one opened up. With Safari it's instant, and with Command-Tilde to jump quickly between its windows, it's 99% as good as tabs.

Doubtless hordes would disagree.

Oh, and where's Mac OS X 10.2.4 Apple? Plenty of bugs still to fix.


Journal Journal: Woohoo! My first rejection 1

Well, My First Rejection(TM) - for a story about CmdrTaco talking, possibly keynoting at MacHack 2002. The press release is at

Ho hum. Well *I* thought it was a pretty significant story. Maybe next time...

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