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Submission + - What makes or breaks a graphics package for you?

oliverthered writes: "I've started writing a new graphics package that seemlessly blends vector graphics with bitmap graphics in a way where if you didn't know you would either think you were using a vector graphics package or a bitmap graphics package depending on how you were using it.

The architecture is going to be almost fully stack based with practically everything being replaceable or extensable via a plugin architecture (including whole or parts of a stack). I also plan to make the most of modern high-performance computers with load of memory and disk space, and write GPU implementations of as much as possible so lots of things will be realtime or faster than realtime.

I have lots of killer features that won't be found in current packages and some serious advancements in some of the features you find in packages. I also plan to write gimp'ish and photoshop'ish interfaces and keybindings and get as much photoshop compatability as possible.

The projects going to be GPL with concessions for open source applications and commercialisation ability so I can spend more time on open source. It should also run on Windows, Linux and Mac etc.....

What I don't know is what people think are must haves or like or dislike about the current tools that are out there, what plugins / addons they really like and what would make them give up photoshop."

Submission + - BBC Claims IPlayer for Linux and Mac soon

oliverthered writes: "The BBC has agreed a deal with wi-fi firm The Cloud, which operates 7,500 hotspots around the country.

The news website, programme sites and downloads of TV shows via the iPlayer can be accessed freely.

The BBC has also confirmed that users of Apple Mac and Linux machines will be able to use its TV catch-up service from the end of the year."

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