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Submission + - Google opens window for applications to its €150 million fund for journalis

oliderid writes: Google set up a €150 million fund for innovation in digital journalism. More than 120 organisations have signed up to participate. Amongst the participants there are startups such as Dashub a platform to be your own media group: monitor, Store and Publish. You can get an early access on

Submission + - The European GPS Galileo 'pathfinders' take shape (

oliderid writes: After all the wrangling, the delays and the furore over cost, Europe's version of GPS is finally starting to take shape. Due for launch in pairs in late 2010 and early-2011, the "pathfinders" will form a mini-constellation in the sky. They will transmit the navigation signals that demonstrate the European system can become a reality. Discover an interesting video clip introducing the main feature of a Galileo's satellite.

Submission + - How to monitor a MySQL server in real time?

oliderid writes: I have almost finished a web application that should support more than 100 queries per second some tables having more than 500.000 rows. Well I'm not used to this kind of load. I did my best to apply the best practices I could find over the web, reduce the queries to the database to the minimum, indexing, etc. but I'd like to have a GPL tool to monitor this database in real-time and see clearly how often a query is done, redundant ones, be sure that my mental is respected "One query per "page", processing time, etc. See when the server is about to be overloaded. The server is remote, Linux (redhat or ubuntu). There is no Xwindow, so I can monitor it through SSH/shell or through a web application. Any idea? Thx!
The Military

Submission + - Boeing Vs Airbus news from the battlefront (

oliderid writes: Plans for the oft-delayed military transport plane may be mothballed, as the German Defense Ministry reconsiders its order.

Inside the Defense Ministry, alternatives to the A400M are already being looked into. "We aren't married to Airbus," said the high-ranking air force officer who spoke with Spiegel Online. He said the German military could live with a delay of "one or two years" by continuing to fly its old fleet of C-160 Transall cargo planes. "But at some point, we will have to decide what to do if the plane from Airbus continues to be delayed."

In other news: Boeing had already spoken with a number of countries to offer C-17 aircraft as an interim solution, given significant delays in the EADS A400M military transport plane program. Another option is the less known but quite impressive AN-70.


Submission + - Where should I put my money?

oliderid writes: It looks like I can savely invest a part of my money into stocks, after years of hard work. I missed Google, Facebook and all these opportunities but well that's life, I couldn't risk a cent at that time anyway. I'd like to build a portfolio in technologies (computer/Internet, this is my field as a web developer). What would be the next big hit for us technicians of all sorts? I'm mainly open to US investments (since my money is in Euro and it looks like US dollar is recovering finally) and I'm fine with investments up two three years.

Submission + - First images of Russian-European manned spacecraft (

oliderid writes: The first official image of a Russian-European manned spacecraft has been unveiled. It is designed to replace the Soyuz vehicle currently in use by Russia and will allow Europe to participate directly in crew transportation.The reusable ship was conceived to carry four people towards the Moon, rivalling the US Ares/Orion system. This project is the Plan A for the European Space agency. The plan B is an evolution of the ATV proposed by a consortium of European companies led by Astrium.

Submission + - Europe should give up on sending men into space (

oliderid writes: Lord Martin Rees (professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy) said that Europe should get a world lead in unmanned exploration. According to this astronomer : "three-quarters of Nasa's money was spent "going round and round the earth 35 years after people have already walked on the moon" and it should be left to the US, he said.

Western Europe should focus all its budget on miniaturisation, robotics, and fabricators and avoid manned space flight.


Submission + - Secret 'dino bugs' revealed

oliderid writes: The European Synchroton radiation facility in Grenoble (France) is helping scientists to study ancient insects trapped in rocks.
they have identified nearly 360 fossil animals. Wasps, flies, ants — even spiders so far.
They use a 3D plastic printer to make a physical model of these insects. (watch the video clip)

Submission + - Europe funds internet TV standard based on P2P (

oliderid writes: The European Union is spending 14m euros (£10.5m) to create a standard way to send TV via the net.The project will create a peer-to-peer system that can pipe programmes to set-top boxes and home TV sets. It will be based on the BitTorrent technology.the four-year research project will try to build a system that can stand alongside the other ways that broadcasters currently get programmes to viewers.

Submission + - Columbus docks with International Space Station (

oliderid writes: Europe's space laboratory, Columbus, has been unloaded from the space shuttle Atlantis and docked with the International Space Station (ISS).

Once the lab is in place, an intensive programme of research in weightless surroundings will begin.

The experiments will also help researchers better understand the physiological demands of long-duration spaceflight, something that will be important if humans are ever to colonise the Moon or travel to Mars.

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