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Comment Televised versus other debates (Score 1) 627

I have read a number of comments on this thread and find them to be interesting. I attended the debate on Oct. 10th between Congressman Tierney, Republican candidate Tisei and Libertarian candidate Fishman. The debate was very rowdy and the crowd did not conduct themselves in "dignified" fashion. Mr Fishman was the only candidate who addressed the crowd and asked that they refrain from booing or cheering during his time and that they allow all candidates to speak to the issues and questions. I wish that Mr Fishman would have equal opportunity during the televised debate, and while I personally do not plan on voting for him, he does have the strength of his convictions and a logically consistent platform for his positions. He is not a crackpot candidate and should be taken seriously by the electorate. I also find it interesting that the debates tend to be attended by party partisans and political junkies, but few "mainstream" voters. I believe that the tenor of the debate on the 10th would have turned off most voters even if they had attended. Please note that this debate was also held on the same date as the debate for the MA senate seat. Regardless Mr Fishman has a chicken and egg problem, how to get his name and views out to an electorate that pays very little attention to politics most of the time and when they are paying attention, is denied the opportunity to participate. While he is not my candidate of choice for this election, I hope that he considers continuing political life and works over the next couple of years to contribute to the community and build recognition. Such that if he choses to run again in 2014 he may have a greater base and these rules will be a non issue.

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