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Comment Re:Techie Republicans why (Score 1, Insightful) 113

Al Gore led the way in the funding initiative that created the Internet.

Politicians are only as attentive as the people who lobby them.

It boggles me how people seem to think their politicians are mind readers and need to magically understand their priorities. You do realize they aren't monitoring your Facebook feed or paying any attention to the retarded petitions you fill out? If you want your politicians to represent your priorities, call them. Complaining that they don't represent your interests when you don't do jack squat to get their attention is the epitome of ignorance.

Comment Strawmen attacks (Score 1) 726

It's the height of irony to blame the loss of decent jobs on unions.

Look up the definition of a standard corporation and you'll find nowhere in their charter is to create jobs or make the world a better place. All corporations care about is creating value for their shareholders. If they can outsource, replace employees with robots, poison the air and water (and get away with it) they absolutely will.

Unions are one of the few ways workers can protect themselves from the predatory nature built into every corporation.

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 503

Anti-spyware and anti-malware is not necessary if you follow a few simple guidelines: don't click on anything suspicious, don't use html e-mail, don't use internet explorer, install a whitelist plugin like NoScript into your browser.

I haven't run av software in ten years and never had a problem.

Comment grass "roots" effort to stop this (Score 1) 198

I think if consumers were aware they had more options, this wouldn't happen. I would like to see some consumer friendly web sites that let people know what options are available for each model phone and carrier in terms of controlling apps and bloat. I find it very frustrating Verizon has a bunch of stuff bundled on my phone that I can't un-install, but I'm not sure what my options are if I want to take matters into my own hands?

Comment Re:WebRTC (Score 1) 237

Not for ever - they are working on a method of doing bridge-based WebRTC which is nevertheless end-to-end secure - see . AIUI, the way it works is that it established point-to-point encrypted tunnels between the endpoints for key distribution so the bridge isn't able to decrypt the data even if it wanted to, and yet, you don't need N->N transmission of streams.


Comment Re:Bad permission naming (Score 1) 109

>And privacy is already hard enough without naming permissions "full account access" when it does not include full access to an account, rather than to a certain subset of the account.

Assuming "full access" means "all access" is not a mistake.

It's probably a good idea to assume the worst in situations like this.

The fact that "full" wasn't "all" and people assumed otherwise, may result in better protection of peoples privacy and personal information.

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