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Comment Re:Engadget review negative? (Score 2) 74

I couldn't agree more. In fact, every "negative" review I've heard/read has come down to unrealistic expectations of what a device with these specs can do.

Exactly. Some people seem to be expecting a low-cost general purpose device, rather than a cheap introduction to programming. Programming doesn't need expensive hardware, it needs thought and logic.

Comment Re:How is that different from any search engine? (Score 1) 168

so the idea is that competitors are using the information? That could explain something...

Scene: interior Siri Department
Apple Employee1: Hey! I've got a live one here.
Apple Employee2: Who is he and what's he asking?
Apple Employee1: It's someone from Microsoft, asking for ideas for creating their new desktop OS
Apple Employee2: . Alright, here's what we tell him to do...
Apple Employee1: Reckon he'll catch on?
Apple Employee2: Nah. At least, not before it's too late.

Comment Re:Non-native speaker here (Score 4, Informative) 46

If that's the case, why is it newsworthy?

From the article

According to Hanff, the officer taken out by Phorm in 2010 was overseeing the initial probe and was asked by the force to investigate the company after the CPS requested it take another look at the case.

How many times does a police officer, during an investigation, go out to dinner with the subject of that investigation?

I could be showing my naivete but I don't think it happens that often. Is it a common thing?

Comment Re:~** Screwed **~ (Score 2) 96

Yes, now they will know that I messaged my girlfriend to grab some coffee on her way home. I'm definitely screwed!

Over here in the UK we've got a little bit of a scandal going on, about listening in to other people's voice messages. That came about because people were accessing official sources (eg PNC, DVLA) and getting phone numbers and such like.

Thing is, if they don't need to go the official route - they just go via some app installed on people's phones, or through their email system - then there is little chance that normal people will be able to stop it.

The more of us techie people that knows it is going on and spreads the word, the more chance that normal people will take note and maybe take some precautions.

Comment Re:Taste and Classless (Score 1) 154

"how the fuck is this 1) anyone else's business, and 2) why is it being used as a free speech case against twitter, and the Internet" 1) - No idea 2) - Because we don't know which side wants the injunction. For all we know, it could be the Medical staff who want this kept quiet and the mum who wants people to know.

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