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Comment Re:First amendment? (Score 1) 250

Of course the first amendment applies here. The government can't abridge the freedom of the press, it doesn't say anything about only criminal prosecution. So the government (in theory) shouldn't be able to compel the press to pay damages to Sony.

What Sony does have the power to do is to stop advertising in said press, or complain about it loudly. Legal action, I'm picking the press to win this one.

Comment Re:Related paper: Oversimplifying quantum factorin (Score 1) 62

Very interesting to see this idea has some history to it. I'm not surprised that other people thought of it too!

Like you, I had noticed that the number of qubits used (7) was smaller than the number needed to implement Shor's algorithm. I actually asked Shor about this and he said, "15 is special, because it is 4 to an integer power minus 1." I asked him what that meant and it said "it means it's divisible by 3."! This told me that there are special classes of numbers that are easy to "factor" (by which I mean "to run Shor's algorithm on") if only you know you are in the class.

What really stimulated us to write the paper was the observation that 21 had been factored on only a qutrit. The numbers being factored were growing, but the size of the quantum computer was shrinking. Surely something fishy was going on.

Comment Re:Related paper: Oversimplifying quantum factorin (Score 1) 62

Dear AC,

I'm glad you liked our paper and it stimulated your research. I had not actually read your paper when I posted the link to mine and I'm still thinking it over. I think you would agree that your approach is not a general factoring method, but rather depends on the factors having some structure, even if you don't need to know the factors entirely.

Submission + - First commercial quantum computer not so quantum after all (

An anonymous reader writes: A new paper asks "A machine consisting of nearly 100 quantum circuit elements can compute the solution to a classic problem in mathematics, but is it a quantum computer?" Almost certainly not, it turns out. This could be embarrassing for D-Wave, the company touting the device.

Submission + - Putting "Quantumness" to the Test (

An anonymous reader writes: A new paper by the Canadian computer company "D-Wave" shows how to use their device to do a computation in graph theory. Contrary to earlier reports, however, the machine appears not to be acting as a true quantum computer.

Comment Re:Uglier than Firefox 3. (Score 1) 435

>> "Block images from this site" has disappeared as a right-click option.

This annoys me too. However, you can do right-click "view image info" and that leads to a "block images from this site" checkbox. So the functionality is there, just harder to get to.

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