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Comment So how many people are still using XMPP? (Score 2) 63

Is XMPP dying right now? Cause if it is, it is sad. Google Chat may be the only XMPP chat that's supported by a big company. Companies want their own privatized protocol and bind their user in their own services: Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, Hangouts, iMessage and etc., and I can't talk to my friends if they're on a different service. Are we entering a age when good old Internet spirits are no more respected? Or is it just how this world should be in the first place?

Comment This is nasty (Score 1) 2

I believe FOSS communities were built on mutual trust and respect, and therefore more vulnerable to such exploitation. I hate to see it myself, but is it time to raise the bar of security and protections? Still can't get my head around the motives. May someone just wanna watch the world burn?

Submission + - Public Mailing Lists are used for Flooding Attacks 2

Tom Li writes: In last 24 hours, I have received more than 40k subscription confirmation emails from FOSS projects mailing lists (OpenBSD, GNU, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc). My mail have already stopped operating. "Subscribers" are from multiple IP addresses. After I shared my experience, I have found more than 10 victims from the same attack, included a well-known Chinese tech-blog writer (tweet in Chinese).

Since thousands of lists exist, flooding is easy. This is not the first attack. Last year, The GNOME foundation ( faced the same problem, they solved it by adding reCAPTCHA by themselves.There are still no protection for most lists, e.g Fedora. If this method is used widely, such low-cost attacks will serious affects many users and developers.

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