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Submission + - How do I insure a consumer RAID array lasts a long time? 4

olddoc writes: I am a home user and I back up all my digital pictures, home movies and several computer install images. This requires a few terabytes.
I look for 5 year warranty HDDs but I wonder if I should use motherboard chipset RAID, Windows software RAID, a stand alone box or a major vendor's (LSI, Adaptec) add-on card? In the past I have had a disk in a motherboard RAID5 array fail and I kept the system off until I installed a replacement drive and it worked like a charm with no data lost. How would /. users set up 4-10TB of storage that they could move on to the next system down the line? Would an LSI RAID array be supported or readable 5 years from now if the card died? Software RAID seems like a good solution since if a mobo fails the array will be easy to move. I also have a 4TB drive in a bank safe deposit box and I keep buying SD cards and saving them after a year or a major vacation.

Submission + - Who needs possessions? (

olddoc writes: This story by the BBC reports on people who live with minimal possessions besides computers. With all your music, photos and work on your computer, it is possible to live out of a backpack.
Just don't suffer a disk crash!

Submission + - How can I get S3 Suspend to Ram to work? 1

olddoc writes: Why is suspend to ram so broken? My wife thinks her quad core SSD equipped PC is slow because it takes 25 seconds to resume from suspend. I've had trouble with PCs running XP, Vista and now 7. Sometimes there is lockup on resume. Sometimes it takes 25 seconds. Sometimes the network adapter doesn't work. I've found similar problems with Linux since 2.4 kernel days. I would assume Macs get this to work since they control the hardware.
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot Windows STR issues? How do I get reliable wakeup in 5 seconds with a working network connection? Are Macs reliable at suspend/resume?
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - How reliable is computer memory these days?

olddoc writes: I remember reading about cosmic rays causing memory errors and how errors become more frequent with more RAM. That was in the days of 512MB systems. Now home PCs are stuffed with 6GB or 8GB and no one uses ECC memory in home PCs. Recently I had consistant BSODs with Vista64 on a PC with 4GB and I tried memtest86 and it always failed within hours. Yet when I ran 64bit Ubuntu at 100% load and using all memory it ran fine for days. I have 2 questions: 1) Do people trust a Memtest86 error to mean a bad memory module or motherboard or CPU? 2) When I check my email on my desktop 16GB PC next year, should I be running ECC memory?

Submission + - Junk Faxes

olddoc writes: I am having a growing problem with junk faxes. Unlike email, it costs me money when I get a fax so junk faxes really tick me off. A while ago, I gave my number to a removal number and now I am getting more junk faxes than ever! Does anyone know how to make them pay? What devious methods can I use to get even? Can I sign up for a phone number that will drive up their costs when I call the toll free removal number? What have other readers done?

Submission + - How much power is used by distributed computing?

olddoc writes: I used to run Seti@home and Folding at Home. It was advertised as donating "unused" computer cycles. My computers now idle at 175w and run at 225w under load (without GPU load) I much prefer to put them in standby, but if I run these distributed computation programs instead of idling, I use an extra 50w. After 20 hours I can generate 1 work unit and use up 1 Kilowatt hour. For every 100 units I "donate" I've spent at least $10 in electricity; much more if I assume the computer would be in a 5 watt standby state 1/2 the time. I wonder if anyone has estimated the number of Megawatt hours Seti@home has used. It would be interesting to look at the amount of coal burned and CO2 released for US based contributers. French units are mostly nuclear powered and Icelandic would be hydroelectric and geothermal. My point is that this research consumes an awful lot of electricity.

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