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Comment Re: Who wants one? (Score 2) 186

Do you drive? Because I do, and it's handy as hell. Read/write messages without removing your hands from the steering wheel, or make calls or prettt much anything you want.

there are many situations in which is very handy to use a phone/computer with your voice, and some have saved lives.

Well then you are an idiot!

When I am driving, I concentrate on Driving, not " Read/write messages" or "make calls or prettt much anything you want"
Driving a vehicle requires 100% attention to the task, and anyone who thinks differently is a fool!

Turn the phone off when driving please before you kill someone! ( I do not care if you kill yourself though)

Comment Re:Installed in a VM (Score 2) 284

There were different installation types I think and they all had different number of disks. The one I had had 13 floppies but most came on the New CD and had to be written to a pile of user supplied disks to install. That version had over 30 disks as you describe

IRRC, you could write the first 3 disks to boot from, then install off the CD.

The first install I did from those floppies, was on a 386sx machine with 2MB ram too :-) Took ages to complete

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 485

I did an interesting comparison to find out exactly what the performnace of 10 is like
Ran up 3 brand new VM's on my 4 year old desktop with 8Gb ram, with Win 7, Win8.1 and Win10 preview. Once the OS installed and running, Installed Chrome and opened my default 27 tabs.
Timed the process and that took 3 times as long win 10 than 8.1, which was slower than Win 7.
Did several tests to increase VM ram, # of CPUs etc Still performed like shit!

Unless you have a new machine with lots of RAm and fast disk, Stay with what u have


Comment Re:Safety PSAs sponsored by local utilities (Score 1) 618

The point was that as you have to use that company as it is in a monopoly situation you do not have a choice but t use them. At least by not using their site you are avoiding their advertising practices.
Here I have no such issues and can select whichever supplier I desire, and I would certainly pick one that does not force advertising down my neck.

Comment Re:... and back again. (Score 1) 249

I have had the same issue as the parent yesterday.
The server is internet connected and remotely managed by me, but is 300Km away at the moment!. I could not install .Net3 without the DVD installed! ( originally installed from an OEM supplied disk not ISO).

Eventually found a post that suggested I use a Win8 ISO which the components are the same. As I had one locally on the machine I use to to run up VM's Remotely I could use that instead.

Only took 1 hour of googling !
My main gripe is what the F*&k is older version of .net installed with 4.5?

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