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Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

the good way to go is to think in terms of "paying for access to network" instead of "paying amount of data consumed".
Indeed, there is no much difference in terms of active and passive equipment needed by the ISP when you read an html page or download a big software from the same site.
Having this phyilosophy, in France, the mobile ISP freemobile is able to propose LTEA-50GB data plan (speed reduced above), unlimited voice, SMS, MMS, european+US+australia roaming 35 days per year per country for 16€/month (20€ if you don't have the DSL/fiber box from the same operator).

Many company tend to think that unlimitting plans would result in over consumption and thus would require gigantic investments, but in fact, this is not true because:
- not everybody needs such gigantic data on his smartphone (for my part, waze, pokemongo, ebay, websurf, few youtube result in about 3GB/month)
- more pepole will subscribe just because with such a plan you don't have to care anymore about data amounts.
- when you order equipments, you can deal better price arguing bigger volumes (eventhough it's not bigger than that). Moving from 1GB dataplan for all users to 50GB dataplan for all users will lead to 10% more equipments needed.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 96

One can imagin an open solution.
If I take the example of Linux, repositories could be signed by distro vendors, then SELinux could be configured to only allow the package manager to install software in system-tree. /opt or /usr/local could still be used by developpers for testing their app.
and (for linux at least), the enforcement could be disabled by experienced users.

Why the hell on widown, no software repository exists yet? We had a few attempts in the past like google updater, but all have disapeared since.
Even worse, windows update doesn't include all microsoft software. If you run windows update, no update for visual studio? A joke?

Comment Simple solution (Score 1) 96

A solution that would greatly reduce those kind of problems:

All installable programs should be only available thru a signed repository or store.
The only process able to install programs should be the Store application
No code should be allowed to execute if it hasn't been installed using the Store app.
All app should be sandboxed

That would solve tousand of security problem. But that would also break security software industry. Look at iOS and how many antimalware, antivirus and such exists? None. The process of running signed code in an arbitrary way is so complex that such code (excep proof of concept and jailbreak software) almost doesn't exists.

Of course, malware would still exists and try other infection vector like infect the store itself, but it has been proven up to now that even it this threat exists, it stay marginal and at least is far less spread that current classical virus/malware/spyware.

Comment A story similar to TUCKER :-( (Score 2) 256

This story looks similar to TUCKER adventure in the past century where Ford and other wone at shutting down the company.

Hopefully, this Tesla story will not end in the same way.

In France we're happy that Tesla is boosting this technology. Eventhough France is far from being perfect at hosting companies, Tesla is welcome to move here ;-)

Comment Re:bigger picture (Score 1) 300

Yast2 is really poor compared to Mandriva tool. I admit it far better than debian or rhel or fedora, but just give a try to Mandriva or Mageïa.......You'll be surprized.
Try to:
- setup segregation admin rights on different users for diffrent admin taks with Yast2
- detect and configure remote scanners or fax (with installation of required packages)
- detect and configure printers (even remote ones) with automatic missing rpms installation
- manage network profiles and user admin permission
- manage shares (export/mount) thru samba (with setup), thru nfs or webdav
- manage crontabs
- manage windows documents import and export
- manage firewall
- manage parental control
- manage system security (msec)
- ...

Comment Re:bigger picture (Score 1) 300

Stop reinventing the wheel.
If linux in not on the desktop, it's not because of X11. It's because of negativity and we-know-better-than-you attitude.
Gnome was created because KDE started
Mir is started because WXayland is started
Gnome switch to Wayland because KDe and oither developpers pointed at it's lacks.

What a waste of developpers skiils that is critical to develop critical missing features.
When you look an Mandriva Administration tools and then you go to another distro, you can see the astronomical gap between the 2 in terms of admin tools.
Most sitros lack GUI for a common admin tool. thanks to KDE, this gaps is shrinking a little bit, but its FAR FAR FAR from a modern desktop.
How do you configure your login manager (gdm/kdm/... theme and such). No tools AT ALL except on a few distro like Mageia or Mandriva.
How to you setup your cups server? The html interface? A JOKE, it's unable to install missing package like hp drivers if an HP printer needs to be configured.
any tool to setup an all in one printer with SANE over IP? NO TOOL at all.

You want to setup network profiles between your work and home? NO TOOL again (except on a few distros)

Not speaking about packages and dependancies, no common stuffs. No way for a developper to push it's app to a "store" and have it packaged for all distros.
Even on the same packaging technology it's a pain in the ass to tune the packaging so it works almost on all "compatible distros".
You want an rpm to build on SuSE, Fedora, RHEL, Mandriva. GOOOOOD LUCK! rpm macros are mostly proprietary. you have to check for %'?el6} for redhat6 for example: no macros for switch-case against distro version.

And finaly, for th GUI, NO STANDARD. Especially in Gnome (and androïd) where each developper decides the look of it's app......

Today, the race is not toward a functional desktop with all configuration features and a store. No, the race today is toward fancy gadgets, explosion of 3D effects, illumination and fireworks....

And instead of fixing THAT, people reinvent the wheeell..... Linux WILL NEVER BE ON THE DESKTOP. No Wayland, Mir or any Berlin project will be able to achieve this goal. The BIG (I would say STRONOMICAL) problem is elsewhere.

Comment Re:Wayland still alive? (Score 1) 300

Yes, that's what I said, It's a joke, but I have my idea of what triggered that.
In my company, we have lots of Linux and Unix servers that users are accessing to run simulations and graphic applications. Unfortunately for them, they run Windows as their primary desktop and thus, in order to run their remote app, they have 2 choices:
- Run cygwin which (despite its cool install tool) is tricky to setup in windows especialy when persistent system variables are needed.
- Run a VM that is used as a X11 desktop.
Both solutions are really Ugly.
I even have users asking for VNC on the server... LOL Hey, man you're not alone on this host!

I think that Wayland developers are that kind of users with that kind of needs. They think that replacing a local VM by Wayland is efficient....the problem is that the root cause of the need it that they use a primary OS with a SHELL that lacks remote display (not remote desktop).

I'm convinced that if windows had a decent shell, we would not have such projects.

Windows evolves and Linux regresses...It's time to think about switching to MacOS...

Comment Wayland still alive? (Score 5, Informative) 300

It looks to me that Wayland developers only have one desktop at home and were Windows users that want gaming on their linux box.

- What about asynchronous rendering? fast text scrolling in a windows like "find /" or "make -j32" thru a modem connection works in X11, I'd be surprised to see the same on Wayland.
- What about single GUI App running remotely: ssh to a cluster with no network card and need to start paraview or gnuplot? Should I run a full desktop with useless fancy gadgets just to see a gnuplot window?
- What about client application that freeze: Can't move the window because the decoration is done by the client?
- Wy can't I move parent windows when a modal window is open like a file selection dialog box. How do I move the parent app to see my shell window behind. Should I do the same as in windows: close the file selection dialog box move the windows and reopen the file selection dialog box?
- What about lost event because the client is buzy? I click on the button, but the event is lost because the client is buzy.....

Wayland is just a LOL in professional environment.

Thanksfully, I'm running KDE...The original desktop that Gnome tries to imitate since it's creation...I'm curious how it's manage the Wayland migration....

Comment HD retina with optical zoom (Score 1) 544

IF I could print enhancements, I would print enhanced retina with optical zoom eyes. I would Also print HD hears with mute ability
I would also print enhanced smell detectors for my nose (with mute ability as well)

As for my health, I would print a new spine to fix my triple herniated disc issue.
Finaly I would replace my liver to fix my cholesterol and feritinemy problems.

Comment Re:What is the problem the Q is trying to solve? (Score 1) 128

- Apple TV can mirror iOS screens or act as a second external screen (AirPlay). Nexus Q can't
- Apple TV can be used without any other iOS device (it has a remote). Nexus Q cant. You need an NFC enabled Androïd device to control it.
- Apple TV have more services than simple youtube. Apple TV has Vimeo, Netflix, flickr and more.
- Apple TV can play media from local network while Nexus Q can't (need to transfer your media to Google cloud and then read it from the cloud. 2 internet transfers for watching a local media; what a bandwidth waste!)

Need more?

Comment Re:Why such a low maximum resolution? (Score 1) 414


I'll keep my 3GS until upport is dropped by Apple. I was prepared to buy next iPhone, but it looks like iOS6 will run on my 3GS, so I'll wait a bit more before upgrading....
Compared to my Brother in law who bought a Samsung Galxy (left with Android 1.6), then a Galaxy S (left with Android 2.?), then a Galaxy SII (waiting ICS from he's operator) and soon a SIII as it's operator has still havent provided ICS for his SII). All those purchase in order to be able to buy new regular apps....What a shame!

Comment Re:Why such a low maximum resolution? (Score 1) 414


My iPhone 3GS 32GB from June 2009 will receive iOS6. Of course with less features, BUT with latest API, thus with the ability to install latest Apps.

Since I bought my iPhone in June 2009, I got the following enhancements:
- video/photo and text copy/past (with ability to copy past sub sections of a video)
- iMessages so I can target WifI only idevices
- Multitasking
- directorys/groups of applications
- iCloud (realy great)
- EAP-SIM for WiFi authentication
- AirPlay (audio and video, but no mirror)
- New apps (Kiosk, Game Center, ...)

I was left out with the following enhancements:
- Video editor (only 256MB RAM is insufficient. even when jailbreaking and installing the app, it crash with out of memory): hardware limitation
- FaceTime (no front camera (hardware limitation))
- Siri (marketing limitation?): not extremely usefull for now (can't command my GPS software to enter destination, so pointyless).
- tabbed browsing: app exists for that
- Wifi internet connection sharing (only bluettooth sharing and cable sharing): still works fine with my ipad using blutooth.
- AirPlay mirror (hardware limitation)
- iOS6: no GPS turn by turn navigation: (already have CoPilot Live)
- iOS6: no 3D maps (hardware limitation; it's already slow on the new iPad).

=> Now lets compare to Windows Phones:
You buy a WP7 phone last year (or today) and you can't have proper multitasking: it prevents receiving skype calls when skype is not running in the foreground.
WP8 is out: (I don't know if it solves the problem), but one thing is sure: your phone is obsolete and won't get update AT ALL. I mean, no apps designed for WP7 will run on your less than a year old device! What a shame.

=> Now lets compare to Androïd phones as well: updates varies depending on the manufacturer, but one thing is sure: updates never occur on a more than one year old phone (or very rare). Even worse, you still have phones that get released todays (more than 9 months since ICS is out) with 2.3 installed and no planed updates: example: Motorola Defy variants. This means that you're stuck with API level 10 while other are already running API level 16 (with Open GL 2D which appeared in API level 14). Thus games using this API won't run on the device you've just bought. The problem is that many customers won't know that when buying a device (not everybody is a geek or developer) and this will make people angry...

IMHO, the big issue here is that if manufacturer want to really compete with Apple, the only thing to concentrate about NOW is maintenance! They need to maintain a device more than a year for the following reasons:
- 1/ If you purchased an app like CopilotLive, the latest version requires a recent OS: you can't get it even if your phone is less than 2 years old!
- 2/ There are security issues that don't get fixed. having a device that is not fixed just one year after purchase is a shame.
- 3/ It's a nightmare for developers: they need to stuck to old API to target more audience: => more work, less functionality, less efficient (manual 2D scrolling instead of OpenGL 2D scrolling as an example).

Common excuse is that there are too much hardware to maintain all the flavors. Bullshit: cyanogen mod is able to do that for all brands versus one brand can't do it for its devices??? It's marketting to for people to renew their device.
Why so much device gets out each year. Right now, Motorola is selling (in France) 10 different Androïd smartphones! Samsung (also in France) is Selling no more than 19 Galaxy variants (not counting the 2 SGII variants i9100 and i9100g) and not counting the 2 variants of the SG-SIII (4cores 3G in EU and 2cores 4G in US).... That's insane! What the hell do they want to achieve? Flooding the market with many models to artificially boost the market?

Really, they need to look at the whole picture and understand why Apple is doing fine with only 3 phones and 2 tablets. that would increase competitivity and help price to drop (especially Apple prices which are insane). Instead of that Samsung is going on the "high end" market by raising it's prices....Not sure it's the way to go IMHO...

Comment Re:Uhm, no... (Score 1) 332


We just bought our new iPad, and we're using it since a month (using my iphone itune login) without having connected it once to our PC.
Same for our Apple TV3. (Does this thing connects to itunes?)

Comment Re:It's a joke, but it's pretty much spot on. (Score 1) 255

PS: you forgot buying on eBay without fearing key-loggers and such, take geotagged photos, browse photo on TV via Apple TV (easier for your friend to watch them), stream you music to your AirPlay device like freebox (xDSL operator box with AirPlay capabilities) while staying on the sofa speaking with your friends....

PPS: I guess you mobile operator is freemobile ;-) . The same as the one used in my 3GS and my wife's Xperia ARC S (which will provide data to her "New iPad". Awesome :-)

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