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Comment Re:Don't care, won't use it (Score 1) 132

Chrome has become the de facto standard at this point.

This has been a bit of a problem for a while. Web pages have been popping up which state that the page has been designed to work with Chrome. As a Firefox user this reminds me a lot of the "Please use Internet Explorer x" pages of the horrendous past.

Welcome to the new old web.

Comment Re:Apple's suicide (Score 1) 495

I guess iTunes isn't universally reviled after all.

Just about everyone else hates it though. I wouldn't use iTunes a reason, let alone the only reason, to defend the iPod.

Updated iTunes today. It demanded me to reboot my computer. On the bright side it didn't manage to remove the headphone jack from my Lenovo.

Comment Re:Classic Sci-Fi Books .. but why just novels? (Score 1) 175

IMO modern sci-fi has been "dumbed" down to just action flicks. Originally, "classic" Sci-Fi dealt with the _social_ issues and problems that technology created. We got some amazing stories.

You might enjoy 2312 from Kim Stanley Robinson.

You might enjoy the previous books from the Red Mars trilogy as well, but I've been having some hard time with them. I'm definitely recommending 2312, but somehow, at least reading them in this order, I feel that the trilogy feels like plethora of extras in a good movie. A history of sorts, of how the stage for 2312 was built.

Iain M. Banks also would fit the 'light our imagination with possibilities' theme. Perhaps not so much with social issues.

Comment Re:Apple is trying to make money? (Score 1) 311

People buy Apple because of the way the software works without making you cough up a hairball just to move around the interface.

Bought an iPad recently. Previously had used iTunes to buy some music, so a very old acocunt with old credit card information. Tried to install some free software. The store entered an infinite loop asking if I wanted to allow 15 minutes of saved credentials when buying stuff, but because I ALSO had the old credit information, saving this information failed and resulted in another question of saving credentials. After a few tries, managed to find the setting for credentials in settings app and after that the shop asked about the outdated credit information (for the free app).

Then, I tried the Fallout shelter game. The system popped up with a question about game tag. The couple first ones were taken, so the dialog just froze, with no way of exiting. Again, managed to find this from settings and managed to set it up. Switching back to the game, the dialog was still there. Disappointing.

Comment Re:Open source license and I'll go (Score 2) 48

Cough up your software with an open source GPL license, and I'll go. Mickeysoft's crap licenses are shit. My time goes either to something that I can use as I like or share with others freely. I don't want something that I develop locked up in a vault in Redmond, and some ass hole tell me I can't use software or source code that I wrote. And that's it.

MIT is a GPL compatible license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Comment Re:Horray for Taylor Swift. (Score 1) 368

That's one (narrow) way to loo at it; but those who can actually envision the infinite time that lies beyond this first THREE MONTH period, actually REALIZE that this SHARED "loss leader" (keeping In Mind that Apple still has to pay for the costs of setting up and running Apple Music for those SAME THREE MONTHS), that maybe, just maybe (like 100% probability), those same "artists" (and.Apple) will be enjoying revenue for the foreseeable future, THAT THEY WOULDN'T OTHERWISE GET!

Jeezus, you people simply don't understand marketing, do you? Greedy little privileged bitches. All of you.

You do realize that many '(like 100%)' made some money before Apple started streaming music

So what about the artists with presence in Spotify and such? They will be getting 3 months of reduced income because a corporation wants free advertisement? (Did someone mention greed?)

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 350

You need an antennae/other external hardware that receives those signals properly. I'm not an antennae engineer, but you either need a separate antennae [which would totally be a non-starter] or you have to compromise the design of existing antennae, because now it has to work for more frequencies.

For a decade or so mobile phones have been using headphones as the FM antennae. (Some have an FM antenna built in?)

Comment Re:android = windows (Score 1) 113

Any application that requires Windows XP Mode, SUA, or more than 16 GB of RAM will work only on Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate according to this table.

So... some video editing programs won't be able to access more thatn 16 GB RAM on home? Some business applications may work better on the XP virtual machine (XP Mode) than in the native 7? SUA won't be coming with Windows anymore as it has been deprecated, so perhaps that should count. However, could you not run Cygwin instead?

So does any application that is accessed remotely through Remote Desktop.

That seems rather convoluted way of stating that you cannot access the computer through Remote Desktop and would have to install vnc or something to do it...

Comment Re:Adobe has an ereader app? (Score 1) 150

They probably added that functionality to try to identify copies made of files borrowed from those libraries. When all you borrowed is data, there's no way to prove you didn't copy the data.

Yeah, except the DRM prevents you opening the file after it has expired. (At least for most people, I don't know if it has been cracked.)

Comment Re: This is typical of the "Jobs era" Apple (Score 1) 135

Right, but that's not what the OP was talking about - the argument was that the iPod was inferior because you couldn't organise your music manually (even though you actually can), and that "files in in a folder" was superior to "letting the iPod handle where the files are and using a database/m3u style method" to address and play them was somehow inferior because Apple.

What you are describing with m3u files *is exactly how the iPod works*. The only difference is that the iPod also copies the music files for you, you don't have to drag them onto the iPod yourself (although you absolutely can manage them on your hard drive yourself, despite what people on slashdot will try to tell you).

OP said: "Ever noticed every MP3 player on the market can be plugged into your computer and you can browse the music files as if it were an external hard drive"

Your interpretation of this is curious.

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