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Comment Re:Bad is better than Worst (Score 1) 410

Everyone I know who does business on the mainland (including Hong Kongers) uses a VPN.

People I've discussed with have had problems at home, such as VPN connections getting blocked, at workplaces things usually did work. When I visited, a couple of years ago admittedly, the VPN to my workplace I was using at a local residence worked for one day, then stopped working, and the same happened to my secondary VPN as well, in half a day.

Comment Re:Quit blowing smoke! (Score 1) 667

You forgot to include dates to those tweets. Let me help:

No. I did not forget. I was answering to message that stated that he had never done such a thing. I included the links to the actual sources.

It looks like you ended up forgetting to include the actual dates you were going to help me with. 6 Nov 2012 and 28 Dec 2013. There was over year between them. So, say, not something quick and stupid repeated within a month or so.

"I think there is some connectivity. Some, something. It depends on how much"

Pity you forgot to source the quote.

Apparently he was asked about the human effect. So. Some, something, depends on how much. And we know how much he thinks that is.

Comment Re:Quit blowing smoke! (Score 5, Informative) 667

No. That's a lie. He never said that.


"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."


"We should be focused on clean and beautiful air-not expensive and business closing GLOBAL WARMING-a total hoax!"

Comment Re:Don't read political spin, it makes you stupid. (Score 1) 469

The discussion in this sub-thread is "don't read political spin, it makes you stupid".

Indeed. And Newsweek ('some obscure paper' as you said.), had an interesting article that goes against the political spin you quoted. It is not only reporters who spin. One might even spin in the comments, inventing opponents for other commenters. I sincerely wish that Trump does well. And I really really wish he will have reliable information sources.

Besides, I don't see how anyone can credit Trump with being smart enough to pull off some grand conspiracy to coordinate with the Russians. From what I can tell he's too dumb to make toast.

I guess I don't read enough tinfoil stuff as this is the first time I've seen even a mention about some grand conspiracy. His intelligence I have seen questioned.

Of course Newsweek isn't what it used to be, but the article is interesting.

Comment Re:surprise surprise (Score 1) 469

If there was something malicious going on, do you think they would really be out advertising it? Idiot.

Of course Russia is going to want to reach out to the likely president-elect of the United States of America in order to start a working relationship.

At least they seem to advertise some of it.

The Guardian:

Markov also said it would mean less American backing for “the terroristic junta in Ukraine”. He denied allegations of Russian interference in the election, but said “maybe we helped a bit with WikiLeaks.”

Comment Re:We know better than you (Score 1) 675

I meant modular as in built-in but still a replaceable module. You know, the way the DVD drive is on your desktop, or the harddrive

Not just desktops. I took out the expansion slot DVD drive from my Lenovo and replaced it with additional battery. No idea if the newer models have this, but I very much approved this possibility.

Comment Re:Only Logical (Score 1) 404

Unless you happen to be in Norway (the only European country with a higher per-hour productivity than the US) you're just spewing anecdotes. As a whole, Americans work longer AND are more productive than almost any European country - at least according to the UN.

I won't say that this is necessarily a good thing. I will say that your arrogance appears misplaced.

The problem is that Norway has oil. You are in many ways measuring produce, not people working. And while significant, it is not exactly an accurate description of the efficiency of the workers.

Comment Re:Don't care, won't use it (Score 1) 132

Chrome has become the de facto standard at this point.

This has been a bit of a problem for a while. Web pages have been popping up which state that the page has been designed to work with Chrome. As a Firefox user this reminds me a lot of the "Please use Internet Explorer x" pages of the horrendous past.

Welcome to the new old web.

Comment Re:Apple's suicide (Score 1) 495

I guess iTunes isn't universally reviled after all.

Just about everyone else hates it though. I wouldn't use iTunes a reason, let alone the only reason, to defend the iPod.

Updated iTunes today. It demanded me to reboot my computer. On the bright side it didn't manage to remove the headphone jack from my Lenovo.

Comment Re:Classic Sci-Fi Books .. but why just novels? (Score 1) 175

IMO modern sci-fi has been "dumbed" down to just action flicks. Originally, "classic" Sci-Fi dealt with the _social_ issues and problems that technology created. We got some amazing stories.

You might enjoy 2312 from Kim Stanley Robinson.

You might enjoy the previous books from the Red Mars trilogy as well, but I've been having some hard time with them. I'm definitely recommending 2312, but somehow, at least reading them in this order, I feel that the trilogy feels like plethora of extras in a good movie. A history of sorts, of how the stage for 2312 was built.

Iain M. Banks also would fit the 'light our imagination with possibilities' theme. Perhaps not so much with social issues.

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