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Comment Re:Big data is gonna kill small crime (Score 1) 85

Thats basically like trying to force the effects of eugenics without having actual eugenics. Its not easy to modify instinctual behavior that easily. You can force it if you try hard enough, but you end up with an awfully oppressive society to achieve it. Might as well just go ahead with actual eugenics, just approach it from a positive reward system rather than a negative.

Comment Presenting real facts... (Score 1, Insightful) 399

Can darn sure change peoples opinions. Saying you hate Hillary because "insert subjective drivel" won't change anyone's minds. Posting the damning email evidence that she is lying crook will change the minds of any sensible people. The problem is how little your vote really matters and how you're forced into a two party competition rather than a real candidate competition.

Comment Bad business for Sony (Score 2) 57

Microsoft has always been against cross platform and all about walling in their xbox garden to push proffit. This time around they are losing badly on market share and suddenly it makes more business sense to push for cross platform. If they were back on top again they would cut it right back off and tell everyone to stuff it. The articles like this are nothing but a business strategy to put social pressure on sony.

Comment Re:Retaliation? (Score 5, Informative) 393

Police kill far more innocent civilians than civilians kill police. 42 police were killed by civilians in 2015. 1,134 people were killed by police. Of them, about 1/5 actually fired at the police.... And at the other end lf the spectrum 1/5th werent armed at all. The problem is their training. They're being trained to shidt all the risk off of themselves and onto the public. Protect themselves above all else. That's just not the mentality a poloce officer needs to have.

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