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Comment A matter of task (Score 2) 183

If I'm writing code or a query, I want peace and quiet. I'm If I'm troubleshooting I want people I can tell "hey, you seen this before"? Or "hey, did you do something to the blahblah server?"Problem is when you do both, which I do. I'm stuck in an open layout and mostly just grit my teeth and work slower when I'm doing things that require lots of concentration.

Comment Re:Wrong focus. (Score 1) 244

Their logic is that the people who pay to view it incentivise its creation. They aren't wrong. It doesn't incentivise it here so much, but in foreign countries where enforcement is null and money is scarce. Honestly though, they need to do research and come up with a real strategy if they want to have an impact. While they're at it, they need to stop publishing names before they have convictions. That's total BS.

Comment There are less than 30 decent games... (Score 1) 151

Im surprised there are that many to break 250k. I own a rift setup and check the stores daily. Steam is full of shovelware and demos. Even oculus home is mostly experimental indie games. There just aren't many games worth buying, especially on steam! The ones that are worth buying, everyone gets.

Comment Re: Nope (Score 2) 313

It's the inability to be able to figure stuff out on your own in Linux that kills it for me. It's designed by people that deep down inside hate GUIs. You need Google to find out what they've decided you need to type into terminal to make things happen. If rather not open my self to that kind of irritating frustration.

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