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Comment Re:Missing option: (Score 1) 913

But OK, I'll indulge. Let's abolish taxes. No more army. No more navy. No more state or local police. Or justice system.

Funny... but you're assuming the only way you can have security, justice, and other services is if you're forced to pay them.

In fact, the only moral way would be to allow people to spend their money however the heck they want. People need security; in a government-less society, it would be provided.

People need to stop calling taxation "taxation" and start calling it what it truly is: theft and extortion on a massive scale. There's no excuse for wanting that.

Comment Just block third-party cookies (Score 1) 390

From Google's FAQ on the new system:

The plugin is not available for my browser. How do I opt-out of the cookie?

If you're using any other browser, you can look for a common feature, which accomplishes the same as setting the DoubleClick opt-out cookie: Find a setting in your browser's settings that allows you to only accept cookies from sites you visit, or only "first-party cookies". This option may also be described as "blocking third-party cookies."

Comment Re:Breaking the law is always easy (Score 1) 211

Let your congressman know that, unless he at least attempts to undo those laws, you will stop voting for him.

Am I wrong, or is the reason that they cannot ship certain software products because the EULA specifically states that you cannot redistribute without permission? If this is the case, then telling your congressman would be worthless, wouldn't it?


Submission + - SPAM: Pidgin Forked

stoolpigeon writes: "The popular instant messaging client, Pidgin has been forked. The sourceforge site for the new project, Funpidgin states that the primary difference between the two projects is that, "Unlike the Pidgin developers, we believe the user should have the final say in what goes into the program." Apparently the change that spurred the fork was the removal of the ability to manually resize the message box in newer versions of the Pidgin client. To some, I am sure that this is an indicator of what is great about OSS. To others it is just one more example of what can go wrong."
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