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Comment Re:Hello? McFLY! YOU let the tech in already! (Score 2, Insightful) 545

Good job using so much caps dude. Calm down. Yelling doesn't make you look good. There's two ways to look at this:

- Verizon is doing people a favor by securing their routers a little more
- Verizon has a backdoor

FYI the option to backdoor isn't set by the tech per-se. The tech runs a program that executes several scripts. Whether the default firmware for these devices has this option on by default OR if the script does it I am not sure of. But it's normal practice for them to have this setup as is. The issue at hand is that they have a way back into your router. My guess is that, for the most part, it's there for maintenance, status checking (i.e. do you have an actual internet connection) or password resetting if the user forgets it. POSSIBLY for data monitoring, but I'm not going to say that's true, nor am I going to rule it out.

But Jesus, next time don't use such harsh words. Try thinking first.

Comment "Privacy" issue (Score 1) 301

Uhhh correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this kinda information already available on either the blotter or otherwise? If it's available for public consumption you can't call "invasion of privacy" on this cause then there WOULD be no invasion of privacy! And seriously, come on:

- I think the police have better things to do than claim somebody was drunk driving when they weren't. I'm sure there's false positives, but I'm pretty sure technology is down to a tee by now
- If you REALLY think they're out to get people and fake this, well, I'm sure you'd think there's a studio NASA used to fake the moon landing too ;)
- Do you think people who drive drunk really DESERVE respect?

Comment Re:Tainted Report (Score 1) 144

The only thing I'll say to that is that it shouldn't be VERY bad. Sometimes things are SO bad that you remember them more BECAUSE they're bad. It should be a mediocre game with mediocre ads. If it's too bad of a game, then the subject may start examining just HOW horrible it is and looking at details including how cheesy or horrible the ads are, thus paying more attention to the ads.

Comment Re:I agree with the feds on this one (Score 1) 335

But it's NOT the same. The radio signal from the drive in theater is through public airwaves and UNENCRYPTED. The DISH Network signal IS encrypted. You're asking them to secure it. They did! They made an attempt to secure it. These are people trying to circumvent this and putting numerous amounts of effort into it.

It's not as if the encryption method requires you to XOR each byte with "123" or something lame. What if YOU had encrypted files and I broke that encryption and viewed them. Wouldn't you feel violated?

Comment Ugh!!! (Score 1) 575

Ugh ugh ugh UGH! STOP IT PEOPLE! Stop it!

Seriously stop basing a SINGLE SITE that is NOT well known to the GENERAL PUBLIC as a meter of how many people use IE or not.

Infact I just looked at my stats for June. Guess what browser was #1 and was probably ATLEAST 50% of the hits (also including bots)? IE 5!

Not 6, not even 7. 5. 70,000 hits marked as IE5. Next inline was Firefox 3 w/ 5600 hits.

Let's take what is considered the "top 10" or "top 100" sites of the internet and use THEIR stats to figure things out.

Comment My experiences (Score 1) 1365

I've had some decent experiences with using Linux as a desktop. But until Ubuntu came around I kept switching back to Windows. I'm still using Windows right now infact, but that's due to various other factors. But even using Linux for over 13 years as a server platform and feeling comfortable with it, the LAST thing I wanted to do was configure X extensively. I want to install a desktop OS and have it work right out of the box as much as possible.

The biggest problems I had personally: The web browser and its plug-ins, and video resolution. I kid you not. It may even boil down to video card drivers and setup. Yes it's unfortunate I do have and used ATi cards, so I don't get the best support there. But even BEFORE then, before Ubuntu came around I ALWAYS ended up one notch BELOW my preferred and available resolution. I had 1280x1024 available, I could only get X to properly do 1024x768.

But no matter what resolution I could or couldn't get, if I used a java applet in a browser or a page with flash, there was a 10% chance my entire system would lock up. I could NEVER figure this out and this happened across multiple systems.

Comment I say it's a good thing! (Score 1) 358

Overall it's a good thing! Even if it does break the web. ESPECIALLY if it breaks the web. Why? Here's why:

If IE8 is more standards compliant, there's less of a chance that competing browsers will have issues and that sites won't work with browsers besides IE. Now that sounds good for the new sites but what about existing sites? Once IE8 becomes the standard, many companies will say "oh no our site is broken, we need somebody to make it work again!". At which point they'll need to hire folks to make changes to the website, thus stimulating the economy a little. Or at least the web designer industry.

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