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Comment Re:Don't blame the courts. (Score 1) 222

But they are causing harm to the citizens ass-hole. Like the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court took into consideration the effects of over turning the law and the effect it would have on people. The Federal circuit could have done the same thing. Since the connection was in place, they could leave it but prohibit new connections. Bottom line the State is overriding the will of the people in that municipality.

Comment Re:Lenovo is at fault, not MS (per the article) (Score 1) 484

Actually it is an issue ass-hole. From the summary: "the SSD is locked down in a proprietary RAID mode that cannot be turned off."

See if morons like you bothered to read you would know that their is a solution. You can turn disable the proprietary RAID IN THE BIOS! But the user is locked out.

Now don't you feel like an ass-hole.

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