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Comment Re:Easiest for a newbie -- to do what? (Score 1) 458

Exactly! It's not a serious question. When you claim to be a lurker and yet say "without constant under-the-hood tweaking (ala early Windows flavors, 3.1, 95/98)" that says you are not serious and you weren't a lurker. Seriously Linux had better driver support than Windows 7!

If you don't know what you want from Linux, no one can help you.

Comment Re:Yeah, maybe (Score 2) 172

And you didn't read the fucking article:

"the dig once bill requires states to evaluate the need for broadband conduit any time they complete a highway construction project that gets federal funding. "

Get it jackass, FEDERAL FUNDING. If you get federal funding the Feds are requiring this, if it passes. So yes the Feds can dictate to the States. Jesus Christ read people!

Comment Re:Yeah, maybe (Score 1) 172

How the fuck is the headline wrong?

Slashdot Headline: "'Dig Once' Bill Could Bring Fiber Internet To Much of the US"

Article Headline: “Dig once” bill could bring fiber Internet to much of the US


"If the US adopts a "dig once" policy, construction workers would install conduits just about any time they build new roads and sidewalks or upgrade existing ones. These conduits are plastic pipes that can house fiber cables. The conduits might be empty when installed, but their presence makes it a lot cheaper and easier to install fiber later, after the road construction is finished."

It's pretty fuck accurate and it's the same headline from the Ars article. Moron...

Comment So where did these usage statistics come from? (Score 1) 264

" when usage statistics confirmed that Chrome users rarely used the two options they initially wanted to remove"

The bigger issue he is Google is spying on you. Did they bother to ask you to track your usage of Chrome? Seriously, fuck off Google.

Comment Hire IT Staff! (Score 4, Interesting) 197

"Being a small company we don't have dedicated IT specialists."

Translation: We are too fucking cheap hire an IT staff to service our IT needs.

Seriously ass-hole, go fuck yourself. Hire the staff that you need and stop complaining. This has nothing to do with the lack of curiosity of anyone. This has everything to do with how your company is fucking cheap. The problem lies with you.

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