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Democracy isn't about no one telling you what to do. It's about everyone telling you what to do.

A society (I will use the work society as opposed to country or nation) in which no one tells you what to do is an anarchy. An anarchy, at least in the sense I use it, is one in which there are no rules or laws, or if there are there are no means to enforce those rules.

In a democracy, every one has an equal say in the rules or laws that every one has to live by. A democracy can chose to end itself, by choosing some other mechanism to enforce rules (e.g. by electing a hereditary ruler )

A democracy can also end by other means, it can be destroyed by outside forces (e.g. invasion), it can be destroyed by internal forces, (e.g. coupe) or it can simply collapse because it no longer has the means to enforce its own rules.

But it all boils down to the fact that the guy down the street can tell you what to do. You want to drive at 100mph, well, there are laws against that. There are laws about almost everything you do, and most people don't want to remove them. All in all, most people in democracies seem to be happy about them and don't want to change them.

But I ask you this, is the world a democracy? And if it isn't, are we truly living in a democracy?

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This is a first entry to turn on my journal..

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