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Comment Re:Medical... (Score 5, Insightful) 727

It is a medical device which means that it is subject to insane levels of litigation. Mostly you are probably paying for insurance.

It is a medical device which means that it is subject to insane markups. Mostly they are probably paid for by insurance, so there is little attention paid to cost by consumers.

There, I fixed that for you.

Comment Re:I'm not suprised (Score 1) 870

Your false assumption is that cost is absolute. In your theoretical free market utopia, having more money to go around would only mean everything costs more. Value is always relative. That's why real estate prices got so inflated as loans got cheaper and easier to get.

I say your free market utopia is only theoretical because as soon as you introduce currency, defense, courts, and laws, you've added a governmental set of controls and eliminated the purity of a truly "free market". Your ideal of zero governmental interference is only sustainable with barter economies in communities within Dunbar's number. Same goes for true communism. You can't have a social economy with a group larger than about 150 people.

If you try to have currency, defense, courts, and laws without any controls on the markets they inevitably and acutely affect, you wind up with cannibalistic feedbacks far worse than we are seeing today. Think Mad Max.

You claim that GPS, communications satellites, and Tang were inevitable products of any free market. Alternate universe assertions? Easy indeed.

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