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Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 365

Everybody misses the fact (and since it's bloody screamed out on half the pages I can only assume by not actually having read the book) - that the leftist dystopia in 1984 was brought about by, and could not have existed if it had not been preceded by, a capitalist dystopia that was JUST AS EVIL.

Orwell was as anti-capitalist as Marx. He just wasn't a state socialist or communist either. Orwell was an anarcho-socialist, comparable to Noam Chomsky's beliefs.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 2) 365

You're half right. Make no mistake - child-porn production is a massive and extremely well-funded industry. A few years ago there was a tell-all from a programmer who used to work in the industry - he admits outright he did it (despite not sharing the proclivities of the users) because it was the best paying job in the world. And he runs in detail through the technologies they use. The data is stored on servers all across the world - and none of them owned by the syndicate, all compromised servers owned by third-parties who generally have no idea their websites have hidden folders serving up child porn.

Data transfers to these servers happen over multiple networks of vpn's with other layers of encryption built on top - and it's what they pay such a huge premium to get built.
The setup relies on three major things to make it harder to stop. Firstly - by operating across so many national borders they add huge jurisdictional red-tape for authorities - when no two of the files you need to make your case is in the same country, you need to cooperate with dozens or even hundreds of other countries - many of which will be politically hostile. Even interpol struggles.
Secondly - because the storage is all on compromised servers cops catch some user, trace his download, find the server he got it from... and hit a dead-end. The owner had no idea it was there (they often end up prosecuted but in free countries these guys usually walk since it's impossible ot prove they are lying about not knowing when there is strong evidence that this is usually true). There is usually some evidence of a compromise... and that's it. Every log is scrubbed clean by powerful, automated anti-forensic code, every transmission was encrypted and routed through multiple VPNs to mask the origin.

Cops catch users, they catch producers - but the syndicates that distribute the stuff are practically untouchable and from the exorbitant amounts they pay their employees (partly, of course, to buy silence) - it's clear they are extremely profitable businesses.

Comment Re:If it works (Score 1) 238

Not quite. But not for the reason you think. At that early point in the universe - time did not exist. Since speed is a factor of time. Speed therefore did not exist. Saying infinite speed is no different from saying velocity of zero - because neither concept actually existed yet. The universe had to reach at least the point where time existed (which happened as it begun to expand - so is not true at the 'singularity' level) before velocity could exist.

Comment Re: Thanks to (Score 1) 445

I'm not all that interested in what happened over a 300 year period- the country's demographics changed massively over that time. It's happend to 2 out of hte last 3 presidents -there is clearly a pattern in the world as it looks TODAY.

And that pattern is rapidly becoming a tyranny of the minority. This needs to be addressed, before it gets much, much worse.

The fact is that if every state allocated electoral votes based on popular votes rather than winner-takes-all then both Gore and Clinton would have won. Sure Trump got MORE votes in Pennsylvania - but he didn't get ALL the votes.

Winner-takes-all is the worst and least democratic system of elections ever devised. It's a system where half the people who vote have their voices not count, at all.

I would also favour a rated voting system where you take rank all the people on the ballot from first to last choice. In such a scenario - people could choose to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson WITHOUT voting for Trump in practise - because nearly everybody who did would have ranked Clinton above Trump. Perhaps not by a huge margin, but still.
In that scenario third parties actually have a shot.

But since that's not going to happen anytime soon as it would require the parties who are strong in the current system to pass laws weakening themselves, the least we can do is ensure that the E.C. votes truly reflect the popular vote - if you got 20% of the votes in the state you should get 20% of it's EC votes.

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