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Comment Re: Google the phrase (Score 1) 607

Thats a fine goal but it must be approached gradually. Do not try to get out of debt faster than you got in. Do not try it in a recession and for crying out loud do not try to do it by spending cuts - at least not by themselves. If you are going to cut spending you need to raise, not lower, taxes to make up the lost revenue.

Comment Re: Google the phrase (Score 1) 607

But a recession by definition is a lack of spending. If government doesnt change it by spending you end up with a depression.

And its impossible to cause inflation by printing and spending in a recession. Its never happened except where a previous unrelated event destroyed the productive capacity of tge economy (war or plague usually). It takes all the print and spend a government can manage in a recession just to prevent deflation. Deflation = 2nd great depression.

Comment Re:Too much luxury (Score 1) 128

"There are no low end devices, no $150 ones don't count."

The Pebble does count and is a fantastic smartwatch that is the most refined and the only one with a good battery life.

You should check out the oldest smartwatch maker and actually use their devices before you claim they dont count.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

No they wont and in reality they dont. you have been able to buy GSM watch phones for over 5 years now all over ebay and other places from china makers. They just do not sell because they sound like shit and have battery times measured in minutes. I had one, the latest china iteration of one and it's battery life sucked, it's OS sucked, it's audio quality and call quality sucked. oh and you cant change the band as the antennas are in that.

smartwatch+phone+bt headset is my killer mix and it works fantastically. glance at watch, press answer, talk to person on my headset. Best of all worlds.

Comment Amazon is a crapshoot. (Score 3, Informative) 337

It's just like what Ebay has been for over a decade now. You can not be sure you are buying anything that is real. I used to use the "prime" as a real item indicator, but even thouse are now turning out to be china junk sold as real with a username that even looks real.

"SandiskMemory" is NOT Sandisk... in fact Sandisk does not have a direct amazon store so anyone using the seller name SanDisk is selling china fake junk.

Amazon refuses to fix this because they are making mad profit off of it.

Comment Re: Don't care (Score 1) 161

An organisation who calls themselves geniusses yet spend their time in an organisation of self proclaimed geniusses.

Actual geniusses don't join MENSA - they are too busy trying to make the world a better place. They are in research laboratories painstakingly trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, working on vaccines for deadly diseases, finding ways get more energy out of cleaner technologies, digging through miles of dirt to learn more about our ancient ancestors and their cousins and the history of life, coding meticulous synchronization algorithms to keep the many dishes of the world's largest radio telescopic interferometer moving correctly together and discovering new galaxies by the thousands.

What they are not doing - is joining an organisation so they can claim they are geniusses. I know quite a few proud MENSA members... they all have one thing in common, they are idiots who can't think their way out of a wet paper bag and they joined MENSA because rather than own their stupidity their insecurity demanded they find some way to pretend it wasn't there by getting a bunch of other equally insecure idiots together so they can all reassure each other of how smart they all are.

It's the participation trophy of intellectual pursuits.

Comment Re:Yeah, keep laughing, UMC (Score 1) 607

Trump is going to break Goldwater's record for worst landslide loss ever. Actually 'landslide' doesn't fit - avalanche is more apropos.

Clinton is a terrible possible president, somewhere between Dubya and Obama terrible... but Trump is the only candidate so absolutely atrociously bad that Clinton looks good next to him.

That said - I wouldn't advise a vote for a third party, much as I love Jill Stein, I agree with Dan Savage - the third parties have to actually start BEING parties. This running a president every 4 years bullshit isn't ever going to work.
If the greens or the libertarians want to build a viable third party - they need to start at the groundlevel and work their way up. You don't aim for the presidency. You aim to put green and lp candidates in ever city council. Run them for every councilor spot in every race. Run them for fucking dogcatcher. For district judge. Run them in the small, cheap local races - and run them everywhere. Build a grassroots movement so you have candidates, so you have funding, and run them low level. Take over a few towns - show results, then maybe a state (Vermont could easilly go green if enough people run for state legislature - especially if a few cities have green councils).
Then start running for congress and the senate. Get people in there - start reforming things. Get choice-rated voting in place so voting for your first choice cannot inadvertently be a vote for your LAST choice - by having enough people in congress to keep pushing that until it happens.

Do the hard work.. and maybe in 3 or 4 or even 5 elections time - THEN we can have a viable third party candidate running for president and maybe even win. It's all well and good for Jill Stein to complain that the lack of rated voting means thirdparty candidates like her are excluded since people who would want Her, or else Hillary know voting for is a vote for Trump instead. But she's not DOING anything to fix that. You can't fix that by running for president every 4 years complaining how the other guys ruined it. You fix it by starting at groundlevel.

Bernie is the only one who did it right. He didn't run for senate as an independent. He ran for mayor of Burlington. He lost. He ran again. He lost. He ran again and won - and then he did a damn good job. A really good job so he became very popular and won two more terms.
THEN he ran for senate. And then he did good work in that senate (he is one of the single most productive and legislatively successful senators in history and THE most productive in the current government). For 2 decades.
Only then did he run for president... and found there was no viable third party to run for... so, he was forced to join the democrats... and he almost won. We know he got sniped in some states where he DID win (Nevada for one). But the fact is - he came close enough to scare the pants off the party elites. The dems are running their most progressive platform since FDR - he forced them to change their tune.

And he did it - because decades ago... he had the guts to run for mayor.

If the third parties want to learn something from him, then do the thing he's been begging you to do his whole life and this whole campaign: organise, at ground level - and run for every office you can. Forget the presidency. The US is not a monarchy and the president isn't all that powerful anyway. The local mayor has a LOT more control over your life than he does. So maybe get 4 or 5 green or libertarian (or whatever variant you side with) candidates in the council - and then get one of them in the mayors position.

But if you haven't done that - then frankly Jill Stein and Gary Johnson has this in common: they are fucking america for their own egos instead of actually doing what their supporters and their beliefs require to progress.

Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 1) 607

I prefer the older term for the same thing - 'horse and sparrow economics', the idea being that if you feed the horses well there will be lots of seeds for the sparrows in the droppings.

It's more honest... because it outright admits that as far as republicans and libertarians are concerned the poor are literally expected to eat shit.

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