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Submission + - Lee Felsenstein is creating Educational hardware high school students (

ogcricket writes: As of Feb 27, 2016 ... OK, the circuit board layout is done — that's it above — all files automatically checked for manufacturability and the order entered. It took an extra day so I won't be able to pick it up until Monday, March 7 — I use Proto Express in Sunnyvale so I don't have to wait an extra day for shipping (they are also excellent to work with).

Good news — having just completed the process of getting the PC board into manufacture, I turned my attention to the high cost of bare wire. A look at the website of HSC Electronics — the last electronics surplus store in Silicon Valley — revealed that 85 foot spools of the right wire are available for $5.39. 5 spools gets the necessary footage, so the cost went from $244 from DigiKey to $21.56 just like that. I gave HSC a call (they stay open till 5:00 PM on Saturdays) to confirm the price, and it's good!

My next task is to do an outline of the lecture and work out the logic equations that will be required. This both gets me a good estimate on the number of diode clips and gets me started on preparing for the lectures (there will be three 90-minute sessions with 20 students each). I'll need to recruit a few assistants to help the students — I can't both be at the front of the class and out assisting the students at the same time.

And I need to have the handouts written up so Expanding Your Horizons can print them — the deadline for that is March 1st. That's what, two days away — I'd better get going!

Submission + - bunnie huang's Novena Open Source Laptop Launches via Crowd Supply (

ogcricket writes: "The original idea was simply to encourage others to build their own open source laptops at home. But now the pair are taking the project a step further. Starting today, you can order your own pre-built Novena laptop through the crowd-funding site Crowd Supply, and it will ship out in the coming weeks. Much like Kickstarter, Crowd Supply is place where you can put up money to help fund a company and then get a product in exchange."

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